After fighting over the wubba, squeaking the wubba what the sis called insectantly (we didn’t think it sounded much like a bug), we managed to chew a whole through the wubbas protective layer to reveal his inner core. This all happened in less than eight minutes. Then for some reason the Sis took it off of us. Something about eating the string fraying from the gaping whole and a strange worry about choking on the squeaker. Bah. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


New Picture and Update

March 16, 2008

Our Sister has been very lax in making sure that our blog posts get to you, our bloggy friends. Please forgive her business and forgetfulness. She also keeps getting sick. I think she should see our Vet. He seems to fix what’s wrong with us pretty quickly. Anyways, it has been pretty much of the same old. The family brought up an old loveseat from downstairs for us to use as a bed. We do pretty well in sharing it. Yesterday we went to the park. Sometimes we get to play tug of war with the rag toy. When Sis is home, she brushes our teeth and gives us extra treats, and puts us on her knee to look out the windows and keep watch. I met a pretty little border collie Suzie. Today, Dad is taking me to the park without Shiro today.


Bye Bye Snow

March 16, 2008

Do you think we’ve seen the last of the snow for the winter? I sure hope not. I love snow! I love to eat snow, I love to dig in snow, I love to lick snow. Akira loves to burrow through the snow and make tunnels with his head. I’m not so sure about that, but I do love the snow! It gets all over my nose and my belly whenever I go outside in it! Here are some pictures from just a couple weeks ago when there was lots of snow in Ohio!