January 28, 2009

shiba-inushiro-no-kachiand last but not least


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Where I Rest My Head

January 28, 2009

anywhere i’m at!


waiting for food --> taking a nap!

waiting for food --> taking a nap!


Akira ^-_-^


January 27, 2009

we love snow!

7636778949_origIn the backyard, in the park, we love the snow so much that we’ll even lay in it! It was really deep the other day, but hard on top frozen in places so we can walk on top of it and sometimes sink in it! dig in it, eat it, run in it, kick it up!!!!

And after the snow, we warm up inside!

Shiro Sleeps on Sis's leg

Shiro Sleeps on Sis's leg

Snow Dogs

January 14, 2009

We Love to play in the snow!!! Even better to play in the snow with the Sis. We wrestled with and chased her and she chased us. And Shiro caught a gray mole but it escaped and Sis gave us cheese to come inside and warm up for which we used the blanket.