Our Trip to the Park!

December 30, 2006

Today we went to the Park. There is a big Creek there and a pond and streams, too. Also, there are bridges and old buildings and lots and lots of TREES! It was a beautiful sunny day until we got to the Park…then it was cloudy and overcast, but we still had fun! Here are some pictures that Sis took! Mommy took us to the park, and walked us around a lot! Sis walked us too, when she wasn’t documenting the adventure with photos!


Photos from Today

December 27, 2006

Last post of the day, some photos from today, 12/27/2006.


Photos from 12/26/2006

December 27, 2006

Here are pics from 12/26. I guess we were sleepy that day!

Hi Again Bloggy Pals

December 27, 2006

Hi Doggy-Bloggy Pals,
We’ve sure missed communicating with all of you! Sis has been taking some pics of us, so we’ll share a few select ones with out now. Hopefully we’ll be back on here more regularly by next week. The hoomans are going through a rough time right now, so we have to take care of them. This entry has pictures from Christmas Day, 12/25/2006.

Wet Licks,
Akira and Shiro

This is actually for Thursday (Butchy and Snickers were for Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively). *Drum Roll Please*

The Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day, Number 8, Award goes to………………..


M.J. is really getting into the Holiday Spirit this year! She has spent time romping in the snow, helping her Dad set up a winter village (complete with dog treat in case the villagers get hungry), and dressing up as Mrs. Santa Paws to visit Santa Paws, himself!
M.J. is a nearly six-year-old Pitbull cross, who lives with her mom and dad and human brother and crabby feline sister (aged 19). Make sure to check out M.J.’s House of Slobber, her wonderful bloggy that always has grrreat pictures!

Sorry for the delay, as everydog knows, some technical difficulties have been occuring with the bloggy!

Without further ado, however, we would like to announce the next recipients of “Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day”! Presenting….Butchy and Snickers! These two Wire Fox Terriers are looking especially festive in their Holiday outfits specially made by their Mama! Their Mom even has her own business making doggy clothes, and she is very talented. Just look how fancy Snickers’ Pawty Dress is! The dog clothes site is: www.snitchybugdogdesigns.com
Here are some factoids on these two “Wild and Woolly WTFs”:

Hometown: Janesville, Iowa
Birthdays: Butchy: Oct. 5, 2000/ Snickers: July 20, 2002
Bloggy: http://butchyandsnickers.blogspot.com/

Congrats, Butchy and Snickers!! Well deserved!

Bloggy Error

December 20, 2006

Hi all! We wanted to add a Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day today, but we can’t get a hold of most of our nominees! We can’t see the visual verification letters to leave comments on blogs. So, if you’re name is on this (or you would like to be nominated for our consideration), send us a message!

We are nominating: Zach, Blu & Comet, and Butchy & Snickers (when their outfits are completed!). We also tried to leave a message with Ender about WoW (our human brother does that, too!). Finally, we are waiting for e-mailed pictures from our dogster pal Jay-Jay, who will also be featured as “HSDotD”

Thank you for your patience,


(here’s another one of the shiba-vodka advertisements! all we can say is, that snow sure looks nice, but isn’t that lady in the dress cold? she doesn’t have our thick fur coat!)

I Am Humbly Honored

December 20, 2006

I, Doctor Shiro-da-biro Steve Buscemi Shiro-no-Kachi Shiba Inu, am proud to announce that I have been accepted as an honorary member of HULA (Husky United Liberation Army). Please see this announcement at Meeshka’s Blog. Herewith, my certificate:

Thank you, Meeshka, I am truly honored.

Yours truly,


Shiba Advertising

December 18, 2006

Thanks to Joe Stains and his Mom for calling our attention to the Belvedere Vodka ads. No, this is not a post about underage-dog-drinking, this is a post about the use of the Shiba Inu image without just compensation. Not only have we been utilized in adverstisements, but in other media, including video games!

Here, we see a video game starring a VIRTUAL Shiba Inu. Aren’t REAL Shiba Inu enough, people? What’s more, it’s only available in Japan! Do they think other nationalities don’t like the Shiba??

Here is an alternate ending to the Video Game “Silent Hill 2,” where it is revealed that a Shiba Inu is the Mastermind behind the whole plot:

We have even once seen an advertisement for a video game with a Shiba Inu outfitted like Rambo, with bullets and machine gun.

In conclusion, we Shiba Inu dogs should not be used to promote various things, without consulting with us as a whole. Further more, we should be compensated in some way: kibble, treats, free products, etc.

What does everydog think? How have your various breeds been used in advertisements and other media?

This post catches us up for there to actually be a dog each day! The Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day for today (18 December 2006) is…..drumroll please…… MISS SUNSHADE!!!

Miss Sunshade just oozes with Holiday Spirit, even tolerating her human dressing her up. But she does look cute, so it isn’t all humiliating! Miss Sunshade is a 7-yr-old Airedale Terrier living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada!
Miss Sunshade is a very intelligent dog, who always does what is best for her, like eating her veggies, riding safely in her SunshadeMobile, and never going with strangers! For more of her exploits, check out Life of Miss Sunshade!
We leave you with more pics:

Wet licks,
Akira and Shiro