Our Sis is telling us sometimes that “It’s a good thing you’re cute so you can get away with it” when we are being ornery. Nothing, serious, we know not to push it too far, but we also know what we can get away with. For example, Mom has her own special chair that she brings into the living room and takes out of it when she’s done. She has a hurt neck, so she is more comfortable in the chair than on the couch. But that chair is comfortable, and when she gets up to do something else, Shiro often jumps up into it. Then if she comes back, Mom thinks, oh he’s so cute sleeping there, i won’t disturb him. See what we mean!


Here’s another example of why it is a good thing Shibas are cute– we can be cover dogs! Our Sis keeps driving by this billboard in Pittsburgh for Z Brand Creative, and we are pretty sure that’s a Shiba Inu. We hope he was well compensated!



Akira & Shiro


(and his human servant)


With a black button nose, little pricked ears and a curly tail, the Shiba enters the world knowing he is a superior being. Whether with intrepid boldness, squinty-eyed cuteness or calm dignity, he is king.~ from shibas.org

Sailor Shiba

May 1, 2009

We are following our Japanese “sister” Risa’s adventures with her American husband, Scott, on their Japan hiking trip over at http://www.rovingjapan.com It’s a story for another day how we got a Japanese human sister, but it’s worth noting her father’s name is Shiro (good name!). In any case, we picked this up off of their photo stream–a beautiful shiba inu in a park in Himeji, Japan! Do you think she would want to go out with me?



Sailor Shiba

Sailor Shiba

More Than A Month Later

April 30, 2009

It is all the humans fault. I mean, we know we do not need to explain that to you dawgs, but just to make it clear for any humans who may be reading. NOT OUR FAULT!!!! We have a lot to post about and a lot of pictures and a lot of stories but for SOME REASON (i.e. humans), we have not had access to our due internet time. So, needless to say, we were in a very bad mood when we logged on this morning, but someone sent us something that had us barking out loud. So we thought we’d share that with you for now, so you’re not mad at us for not posting (even though it’s NOT OUR FAULT), and then we’ll post about us. We look forward to replying on all of your blogs too,


Akira (and Shiro)

see more dog and puppy pictures

The Word

February 25, 2009

a portuguese water dog

a portuguese water dog

In case you haven’t heard, the Obama family has decided on a breed of dog– a Portuguese Water Dog. We understand Shiba Inu are not hypoallergenic, but we still kind of hoped they might get one. On the other hand, it’s probably good that they didn’t because the shiba inu puppy cam caused enough unprepared peeps to get shibas. We are quite a handful.

Speaking of Shiba (and not Shiba), Rudolf and Goofy gave us a friends bloggy award!


Shiba Smack Down

November 14, 2008

for some reason the song cuts off and it’s supposed to be on the whole time, but until it’s fixed, you can hum to yourself ^-_-^

Should we be Models?

November 7, 2008





close-up of Shiba Inu

Our Sis is in Bulgaria (without us….grrr), but she was kind enough to pass along these pictures of a statue in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This statue was a gift from the Japanese city of Okayama in brotherhood with the city of Plovdiv. The statue features a Japanese human, a crane, a monkey, and… A SHIBA INU! YES! Even in Bulgaria we are recognized for our regal statuesque bearing and authority. In other news, our Sis also saw a ceramic Shiba holding a lantern in it’s mouth for sale in Nessebar, Bulgaria. Good to hear we have such International pull. One day, when Shibas take over the world, this will surely come in handy. Arooo!

Akira & Shiro

Follow Me

May 28, 2008

We have no idea where this came from, it showed up at the very bottom of an e-mail of amazing animal pictures, but check it out! A Shiba Inu raising some chicks! Well we always knew we were Chick Magnets!

When this time a year comes around, the humans tend to act weird. We’re pretty sure this is nothing new to everydog, but since we are Shiba Inu, we are posting some pictures (2 old ones of us and 2 we found on the Internet, with links to their originals) of what it means to be a Shiba Inu on Halloween….

Akira decked out for Halloweenie

This is what Shiro thinks of pumpkins: Let’s try to eat them!


More (yes, even more cruelty to shiba kind):
And, apparently, a whole set of photos from a gathering specifically instituted for the Halloweenie Humiliation of Shiba kind: Shibaween