da ‘burgh

March 29, 2007

Go Stillers! Wave dem terrible towels! At least one pup is ready for some football! Joey got his belated b-day present! Check out his bloggy everypup! Happy belated B-day again, Minister of Stains,

Akira & Shiro


Trip to the v-e-t

March 29, 2007

We had to go to the v-e-t (shhhh don’t scare anyone who can’t spell it) two days ago. It was time for our annual hear worm test. They also tested us for the other worms by looking at our poo. Hoomans are so strange sometimes. Anyways, we are healthy- no wormies here! Thank goodness. We didn’t like that we had to share the same exam room though, we think we each deserve our own, right?


Make your own Zing!

This pic is from the winter when the brother had almost as much fur as us! He shedded since then though. Happy 21st Birthday, Brother!

Akira & Shiro

March 26, 2007

Akira and I actually have many ultimate showdowns aka staring contests followed by a sudden attack! In this video, I attack first, but you have to wait a while for the staring contest to end. You may really want to fast forward a bit at times, but we didn’t edit out the staring contest so that you can get a true impression of how determined we can be!

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Akira & Shiro

The Line Up

March 26, 2007

The perpetrators in question…those fellow four leggers who have been MONOPOLIZING our Sis’s time. Monopolizing we say! And one even has the nerve of being a Shiba Inu (the cat, we understand).
First: Akira’s old girlfriend, Sable. It would be one thing if Sis had brought us along to visit her, but no….Sable gets all the belly rubs!

Second: The Cat in Question (herewith referred to as TCQ) AKA Fi-Fi the Fierce. This is the cat who belongs to a sculptor Sis works for part time. She gets away with anything by purring and chasing little mice toys. She likes to jump up on the computer desk when Sis is trying to type to insist on her attention. The attention-monger!

Akira & Shiro

We’re Still Alive

March 25, 2007

Dear Pals,

We have soooo much to update you on and lots of pics and vids, but we haven’t had a chance to get on the computer. We usually get Sis or the brother to help, and they’ve been super busy– Sis has been dealing with final projects for school and the brother has been working hard. We want to show you our vid of our staring contest, and we have obtained pics of Sis with another shiba inu, and a pic of the cat in question that Sis has spent some time with. All of this as soon as we can. For now, here is a pic of Akira and Sarah!

~Akira and Shiro

More Zoo Pics

March 13, 2007

Haven’t got a chance to put up the vid, and then have to edit it..pehaps a time lapse during our Epic Staring Contest before the big fight. So here are some more zoo pics. We want to go next time! We’ll be good, we promise!

Akira & Shiro

so sweet!

Momma and Baby

who's looking at whom?

Curious George?

can monkeys be risque?

A Diana Model—errr—Monkey

let's play!

Monkeyin’ Around

another primate. word.

Can you dig it?

Zoobilee Zoo

March 13, 2007

Hi Pals,
Here are some pictures from Sis’s trip to the Zoo (without us) to hold you over until we get time to upload our latest vid!! Enjoy!

Lion King– A relative of Simba?

Play Fetch!

He don’t look too happy!

Flying Turtle!!
We are not going in the water if there’re jellyfish!!
There are tons more Pittsburgh Zoo pictures if you want to see more after our new vid,
Akira & Shiro


March 8, 2007


hey everydog! BRUCE had some pictures of only parts of him on his bloggy, apparently everydog is doing it, it’s all the rage now! hehe. we like that song…the hip bone is connected to the….uhh…what is it? the milk bone? BOL!
Anyways, here are some of my wonderful parts:

<—There’s my wonderfully curly tail!!

my feetses P.S. Cuz wanted to get in on the parts photos, so his funny green head is in the picture with me feets.

Cuz, Cuz, and more Cuz

March 5, 2007

I am still having lots of fun with Mr. Cuz. In fact, I haven’t really been playing with the rest of my toys lately. Maybe I’d better spend some time with them so they don’t get lonely. After Akira couldn’t chew the feet off right away, he hasn’t been as interested in Cuz lately. He brought it to Daddy when he came in the house the other day, but that’s just cause he likes to give the humans something when they’ve been gone a little while. That’s okay, more Cuz time for me!!