January 6, 2008

as of last update the Stillers are ahead by 1…we give that a paws up, too!


LOL Dog Caption Contest

January 5, 2008

We were introduced to a webpage called Notice the second word of the domain name…cats….yes we were reluctant for this reason, but we were assured it would be worth it. So we went, and as much as we still want to chase and eat cats, we still must admit these photos with captions were pretty humorous and clever. So we started thinking we might have some photos suitable for such play. And so it is that we announce the First Annual LOL Akira and Shiro Caption Contest. Here are the rules: There are three pictures of each of us. A semi- finalist will be chosen from the best caption for each picture, and then the three semi-finalists for each of us will go head to head to have one Akira-pic Grandprize Winner and one Shiro-pic Grandprize winner. The judges will be us, the Sis, ad a panel made up of our friends Crys and Mark, who are PCC certified–that’s puppy cuteness certification– and the winners will receive a copy of the picture with their winning caption, perhaps pawtographed by ourselves. Well Shiro hates having his paws touched, so the ink thing might be difficult for him, but at least a nose print. Mom says he’s good at making dirty nose prints on the windows! Please submit your idea for caption, either in our blog comments or to our pee-mailSo. Without further ado. The pictures…..Akira #1^^

Akira #2^^

Akira #3^^

Shiro #1^^

Shiro #2^^
Shiro #3^^