May 21, 2009

Hi everydog, Shiro-da-biro, number one Shiba here. I’m doing bunches better, thank you for your wishes. My legs are still a little tender, so I can’t do everything yet, like I can’t jump up my tree after birdies right now. Here are some pictures of us and the Sis from yesterday (Wednesday)


Sis and Shiro

Sis and Shiro

Sis and Akira

Sis and Akira


A Shiba Sized House

May 1, 2009

We found this little stone house on our walk in the park with the Sis and the Dad. For  a minute we were afraid that they were going to leave us there to live in this little stone house, but they just explored it with us. Then Akira said, okay time to go. So we went on our walk more. It was a pretty cool little house, and we liked to play in it, but not to live in it. We want to keep living in our big house with our own couch and our blankets and stuff. Look at the house, though, and how little it is! Or maybe we got bigger!!!



Dad – Son time

February 27, 2009

I like to walk with my Dad, play with my Dad AND rest on the big couch with him!

Resting Spots

February 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s good to cuddle up to a person. I always like napping in the crook of the Sis’s legs, and sometimes Akira likes to rest next to one of our people on a couch. Sis is wearing my pants, they are the pants she wears especially for me to lay on and lets me suck and nibble on them, but no other pants. they are warm flannel with little dogs on them! Akira is laying by Dad’s big ol’ feet.


This is what we look like when we are waiting oh so patiently at the gate.


This is what we look like when we’re waiting for the Sis to hurry up already and come over the gate.


This is how happy we are to be with the Sis.


Shiro wouldn’t come inside until Mom told him the Sis was on her way, then she gave him his treat but he didn’t eat it. He sat at the gate and waited until the Sis came home. Then the Sis was playing with us and stuff and Mom told the Sis about Shiro not wanting to come in until she told him, and the Sis noticed the treat still laying there. Well, Shiro heard the word treat and he remembered about setting it there, so he went and got it and.. and… he brought it over and dropped it in front of me! Is Shiro learning to (gasp) share? I still think he only gave it to me because he doesn’t like it as much as the new treats the Sis got us, but still….

With Our Sis

November 21, 2008



November 20, 2008

Our Sis is home and has brought new treats. Those omega salmon things and crunchy little carrot treats. Very good, but the Sis thinks we are strange because we took the new treats, carried them to the family room, and set them down and examined them before we would eat them. We were just making sure they were on the up and up… Can’t be too safe (the Sis: really? Then why will you immediately stick any non edible object that falls onto the floor in your mouths?) what does everydog think? How do you act when you get brand new treats?

In other news, we now have a videos page and the “shiba smack down” video with fixed music is there.

Stealing the Spotlight

November 18, 2008

img_6947Here is Shiro getting in the shot of me and the Sis.

img_6946Here he goes again.

img_6948Finally, my photo (notice Shiro skulking in the background upset that I’m getting attention) He needs to learn to share. Sigh.


November 7, 2008

caught playing together

caught playing together

Sis was with us Wednesday and Thursday again like last week. She said that is her Saturday and Sunday. Everyday is like a weekend to us! Well, except there are usually more people around more often on the weekend, but the Dad is retired so we’re in good company. The Sis and the Moms took us out for a short walk by the woods and when we got back the Sis saw something on Shiro’s face and grabbed it real quick and found out it was a tick. Ewww. Shiro says: I didnt really even notice it there, but I’m glad she caught it. I only catch big things like moles and groundhogs and toads and mice and stuff.

super duper supper time

super duper supper time

The Sis spoils us when she is with us and gives us both some alone time with her one-on-one attention so we don’t fight over her. She plays with us and gives us treats and shares her pop-tarts with us. She’ll even sleep on the couch with us if we ask her to. the Sis says: Shiro keeps me warmed curled up in my legs and he makes me feel safe and comforted and warm.

is this a doofus face?

is this a doofus face?

We finished off the salmon treats this “weekend” with the Sis and now we hope she brings us more next time she comes. We played a lot and had a good time.

chowing down on some treats

chowing down on some treats

Wednesday Evening With Sis

October 30, 2008

Oh how we love our Sis!