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May 30, 2009

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Our Sis is telling us sometimes that “It’s a good thing you’re cute so you can get away with it” when we are being ornery. Nothing, serious, we know not to push it too far, but we also know what we can get away with. For example, Mom has her own special chair that she brings into the living room and takes out of it when she’s done. She has a hurt neck, so she is more comfortable in the chair than on the couch. But that chair is comfortable, and when she gets up to do something else, Shiro often jumps up into it. Then if she comes back, Mom thinks, oh he’s so cute sleeping there, i won’t disturb him. See what we mean!


Here’s another example of why it is a good thing Shibas are cute– we can be cover dogs! Our Sis keeps driving by this billboard in Pittsburgh for Z Brand Creative, and we are pretty sure that’s a Shiba Inu. We hope he was well compensated!



Akira & Shiro


May 6, 2009


Akira: This must be a doctored photo because I do not recall this happening.

Shiro: Maybe I was cold. Maybe the other side of the couch was wet or smelly. Maybe I was pushing Akira off to take his spot.

The Sis: Maybe you two LOVE EACH OTHER! Just accept it!

(and his human servant)


With a black button nose, little pricked ears and a curly tail, the Shiba enters the world knowing he is a superior being. Whether with intrepid boldness, squinty-eyed cuteness or calm dignity, he is king.~ from


I do not know why I tolerate such things, but it seems to make the Sis happy to dress me up in bandannas, so I humour her. Yes, there is indeed one for every season. Sigh. At least I look good in blue….





Play Ketchup

May 3, 2009

Shiro-di-biro number one shiba here! Just trying to give you all some ketchup. Akira says I mean to catch you all up on what you’ve missed. Whatever. Heinz 57 here we go!

Now for some photos of the handsomest boy in the house–me! And more me! And me in the snow!

Introducing………Elvis Dogs! Thank you, thank you very much….


Elvis Akira


Elvis Shiro

And the Wild One

April 30, 2009

SHIRO-DA-BIRO at the state park. SHIRO RULEZ, AKIRA DROOLZ! Look at me! Look at how well I fit in with the trees and the creek. I am WIIIIIIIILD!

In No Particular Order

April 30, 2009

some recent-ish photos of myself, Akira:

Resting Spots

February 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s good to cuddle up to a person. I always like napping in the crook of the Sis’s legs, and sometimes Akira likes to rest next to one of our people on a couch. Sis is wearing my pants, they are the pants she wears especially for me to lay on and lets me suck and nibble on them, but no other pants. they are warm flannel with little dogs on them! Akira is laying by Dad’s big ol’ feet.