Snowy Walk

January 22, 2012

I love to go on walks in the snow! I love to burrow with my head through the snow and I love to run and jump in the snow. Here is a picture of me after I plowed my head through the snow and had snow all over my face!


Play Ketchup

May 3, 2009

Shiro-di-biro number one shiba here! Just trying to give you all some ketchup. Akira says I mean to catch you all up on what you’ve missed. Whatever. Heinz 57 here we go!

Now for some photos of the handsomest boy in the house–me! And more me! And me in the snow!


January 27, 2009

we love snow!

7636778949_origIn the backyard, in the park, we love the snow so much that we’ll even lay in it! It was really deep the other day, but hard on top frozen in places so we can walk on top of it and sometimes sink in it! dig in it, eat it, run in it, kick it up!!!!

And after the snow, we warm up inside!

Shiro Sleeps on Sis's leg

Shiro Sleeps on Sis's leg

Bye Bye Snow

March 16, 2008

Do you think we’ve seen the last of the snow for the winter? I sure hope not. I love snow! I love to eat snow, I love to dig in snow, I love to lick snow. Akira loves to burrow through the snow and make tunnels with his head. I’m not so sure about that, but I do love the snow! It gets all over my nose and my belly whenever I go outside in it! Here are some pictures from just a couple weeks ago when there was lots of snow in Ohio!

Yay! Sis was home this weekend and she snapped these pics of me digging in the snow at nighttime! She thought I was cute with the snow all over my face. Well, of course! I am always cute! We had a good time with Sis, she always gives us lots of attention and some extra treats! Akira even played with us lots. She even got him to hold onto the green ring, and he doesn’t really like toys that much (just our Galileo bones, usually). We hope our pals all had as good a weekend as we did! (and WELCOME BACK, JOEY AND TANNER/Doofus!!!)

Shiro (and Akira)

Well, it’s the first day of 2007! We have some good news of the day, and some bad news of the day? Which do you want first? Okay, we’ll do it like the humans rip off a bandaid- bad news first: We had to have our baths today! We do not like baths…at all. We have to get all wet and soapy and it gets rid of our naturally good Shiba smell! So then we have to lick ourselves off and rub in everything to try to get the smell back. But, we made it through are baths, and got a treat for being well-behaved boys through it all.
Now for the good news, it looks like we got our baths just in time, because………. it’s snowing! Finally! It’s been up in the 50s for like 2 weeks or something ridiculous! We were beginning to think we wouldn’t get to have any fun in the snow this winter at all!
Well, there’s some more bad news. After having Sis home from the 23rd of December, she had to go back to school/work today. We loved having her home. She stayed downstairs with us and slept on the couch with us every night until about 2-2:30 AM when she got too uncomfortable squished up between us on the couch and went to her own bed. It was so nice to cuddle with her and play with her lots. Also, everyone knows, we have her wrapped around our paws! She spoils us! Akira gets the LONGEST walks he ever gets, and Shiro gets lots of cuddles! At least she’ll be back again on the weekend (how long is that? we hope it’s soon!)

Akira & Shiro

Alas, the snow has mostly melted by now. It was fun while it lasted. Yesterday, Sis took me to see Santa Paws at PetsMart! It was a PetsMart I’ve never been too, but I am always up for a car ride. I jumped right off of the couch when Sis got out my car harness– no time for naps when a car ride is afoot! It took around 40 minutes to get there, but I’ve rode in the car for 5 hours before! Shiro wouldn’t have liked it, though, because he gets car sick. I ran right into PetsMart when we got there– Sis claims that my tail was wagging so hard my whole butt wiggled back and forth. I like to think I had a bit more decorum than that. We made a few laps of the store, paying special attention to the rats and gerbils and the like, and then I saw the Man himself, Santa Paws. I got my picture, and Sis bought me new treats before we left. Then we got to go outside and mark brand new territory! Unfortunately, I had to share my treats with Shiro when we got home, but such is life.

Hope you like the pictures!

okay, last post of the night (honest, it’s past our bedtime!):

Let It Snow!!!

December 1, 2006

No, unfortunately this was not taken this year. It has yet to snow and tomorrow is December 1st! In fact, it has been sort of warm lately, as in the 60 degrees F! the man on the “severe weather team” on the TV says it might snow Friday night, though…Keep your paws crossed! I love the snow soooooo much. It is so fun to play and run and jump and burrow and tunnel in! SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! PLEASE, let it SNOW!