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May 30, 2007

Ben-Benjamin tagged us! Rules: List out 7 thingy that you never mention in your blog, then tag another 7 victims.

Oooh this is hard. Can we have 7 between us, or do we have to have 7 each? Well, we’ll see how far we get first:

  1. Shiro: I love potato chips. I mean, love. I know I’m not supposed to have them, but when Dad comes home for lunch, I wait for him to finish eating his soup, then I go to the pantry and wait and hope and wait and hope for him to open it and get out a bag of Lay’s potato chips and hope and wait and hope and wait for him to drop one.
  2. Akira: I once bit my Mom, but it was only because Shiro was screeching when she tried to put on his collar or something and I thought she was hurting him and I got scared and tried to protect him. I bit her in the butt. She forgave me.
  3. Shiro: I still try to suck on Sis’s clothes (especially her pajamas) She has a Shiro-mouth-sized-hole where I nibbled in her night shirt. She says I am oral retentive or something. She says I was not nursed long enough.
  4. Akira: The whole car ride home from getting Shiro, I looked out the window and NOT at Shiro. It turns out he’s not awful, though. He is fun to play with sometimes, and I am a good example for him and a good big brother.
  5. Shiro: The whole car ride home from getting me, I sat on Sis’s lap after I kept crying in the crate. I was perfectly content in Sis’s lap, though.
  6. Akira: I love carrots. Are dogs supposed to like veggies? I like most veggies, but NOT GREEN PEPPERS!
  7. Shiro: My dog-mom was a red shiba, and my dog-dad was a black shiba. And I’m just a mixed up cream-colored pup!
  8. Akira: I don’t like it when things are out of place. I hate Halloween and Christmas because there are lots of decorations outside that SHOULDN’T be there.
  9. Shiro: I HATE to be touched around my neck. I HATE wearing a collar. I HATE to put it back on after a bath. I WILL NOT TOLERATE a bandanna around my neck. Don’t even try to put on one of those collars they give you after surgeries. You will regret it.
  10. Akira: I do not like thunderstorms. I jammed myself under the couch in a thunderstorm. Even I am not sure how I did it. I just held my breath. Then I got stuck. Shiro whined for the parents, and Mom had to lift the couch in the air for me to scoot out. They put my crate back in the room after that, and I go there when I’m scared, tired, or just want to “get away” from it all.
  11. Shiro: I don’t mind thunderstorms, but I am not so fond of fireworks.
  12. Akira: I had to drop out of Intermediate Obedience Training because I had some weird fur skin fungus and didn’t want the other dogs to catch it. When I was there, however, the trainer said that I was the most well behaved Shiba Inu she had EVER seen. Ever. And she’s seen a lot. That’s ever. I am still weighing the Canine Good Citizen training.
  13. Shiro: Do not touch me while I am asleep. Or when I am about to fall asleep. Or when I am just waking up. You are risking your fingers.
  14. Akira: I hate bugs. Especially bees, but I will run from any flying nagging buzzing insect. They try to get up my butt and I have a tail that sticks up and curls on my back, so there is nothing back there to protect it! Sometimes I will just sit hard on the ground so there is no access.

Well, we hope you learned something new! We are tagging Brownie Roo the Brown Monster, Dusty Doodles, Loki, Yoshi and Tsuki, Indy Pindy, and Bruce.


Well, obviously Shiba Inu is not one of the choices. We are not that puffy to begin with.

You Are a Chow Puppy

Don’t fence me in!
You’re an independent spirit that won’t be tied down.
What Breed of Puppy Are You?


May 30, 2007

We had a mostly good weekend (Except for the B-A-T-H). Sis was there from Saturday evening until Monday late afternoon. But, besides the bath (to add insult to injury) Sis says we must be part cat because we hate the water and dug our claws into her arms hanging on for dear life the whole time we were in the tub. Well. We are not cats, but we still aren’t too fond of shampoo. Sis took some pictures of us clean and a little wet still after our bath.
Akira & Shiro

So, our Sis took a quiz to find out what kind of dog breed she is. We thought she was a human dog breed, but what do we know. And here were her results. We are a little shocked.

You Are a Boston Terrier Puppy

Aggressive, wild, and rambunctious.

Deep down, you’re just a cuddle monster.

What Breed of Puppy Are You?

We love all our hoomans! Our Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sis!

We love our Daddy cause he plays with us. He says we our his star athletes

We love our Daddy cause he always spends time with us when he gets home from work or the store or wherever.

We love our Mommy cause she takes us for long walks.

We love our Mommy cause she cuddles with us on the couch.

We love our Brother cause he knows just how to scratch us!

We love our Brother cause he helps us with our bone.

We love our Brother cause he lets us give him kissies!

We love our Sis cause she holds are Galieleo bone while we chew it.

We love her cause she plays with us.

We love her cause she lets us lick her in her ear!

I was browsing some of our pals bloggys, and had some thoughts on these subjects as well.

First: Girl Girl has a lovely stuffed dog. It brought back fond memories for me of my favorite Booda Dog pal as a 4 month old puppy. The Booda Dog had a tragic wrestling accident. He just couldn’t hold in his stuffing.

Next: Simba mentioned that some dogs like to sleep on their backs with their tummies skywards. Shiro hardly ever does this. He generally sleeps in a tightly curled ball and opens his eyes every 2 minutes to check his surroundings and jumps up every 5 minutes to patrol. I, however, am a champion sleeper, and love to relax and stretch out on my back.

Thirdly: Joey and Tanner’s Mom must have a psychic connection with our Sis (Maybe it’s the Pittsburgh thing), cause she found the Fufu Berry Soda too. Maybe they were meant to find it to make us smile remembering our buddy.

p.s. Next time maybe Shiro will comment on some more bloggys!

Our Sister is so thoughtful, it is obvious that she loved Fu Fu as much as we did. Today when she stopped at a cafe, she saw a Jones Soda she had to order: flavored Fu Fu Berry. Then she read the fortune on the inside of the bottle cap:

“You are headed for a land of sunshine”

“Oh!” The Sis exclaimed. “It makes perfect sense. This message is regarding Fu Fu!” We hope you are well over the Rainbow Bridge, friend,

Akira and Shiro

In Memory of Fu Fu

May 15, 2007

It is with heavy hearts we type this post. Our dear friend Fu Fu, the hamsterrier/hamsterdor retriever/teddy bear hamster has gone on to Rainbow Bridge on May 12th. We will miss Fu Fu greatly, but his legacy will live on. Who can forget the fun rides in the Fu Fu Mobile? Who can forget fun times with Sunny? Fu Fu was such an ingenious, playful, creative hamster, and we’ll miss his blog entries, but hopefully Girl girl will carry on the torch.


Akira & Shiro

Friends (and Enemies)

May 15, 2007

Here’s a run down of the OTHER animals is our Sis’s life. As if we weren’t enough! Hrumph.

Kasey is an older female German Shepard that lives next door to our Grandparents. I played with her through the fence when I visited Grandma. We ran back and forth the backyards with each other. She is pretty nice.
Fi Fi is the cat of our Sis’s boss (James) for her part-time job. Fi Fi likes to press her forehead against Sis’s forehead and play with her little mouse toys. Grrr. Cats.
Here is a Rooster that lives in James’s backyard (along with two hens)
Betty is a 13 year old female Border Collie (or was it Border Shepard, we forget?) who belongs to a painter friend of Sarah’s, John Fleenor.

Shiba Inu In Lights

May 15, 2007

A Shiba Inu puppy, Wankel, is featured on the Daily Puppy webpage for the twelfth of May, 2007. Here is the link: http://dailypuppy.com/index.php?itemid=1079

Congratulations and a step forward to world shiba domination! BOL Arooo!