The Cats Who Live With Us

January 15, 2012

It’s true. We now have to live WITH CATS. We are mostly kept separately, but Marko comes over the gate to visit us all the time. The other two cats, Marcel and Ani, just visit us behind the gate. They are not so bad, only they have lots of cool toys that they don’t let us play with! I am very mellow about the cats, Live and Let Live, I say, but Shiro sometimes goes berserker on them and barks at them or chases Marko. Oh well, that’s life. Here are Marko and Marcel chatting with me:




Long time no post

January 14, 2012

We’re sorry we’ve been away from the computer for a while, but we’re still around. We are 8 and 9 years old. Akira will be 10 in April. We now live with three cats, who mostly stay in the other rooms in the house, except Marko. Marko comes to visit us all the time and teases us. I am really more interested in the cat’s toys, than the cats, but sometimes I want to catch a cat, too. We are doing well. We just went to the vet today, as Akira posted below. Here I am post-vets. Do you think the DAP worked or am I just worn out from all the excitement?




Banana Biscotti

June 1, 2009


Our Sis bought us homemade dog cookies at a Farmer’s Market in Pittsburgh. The lady makes them for her Australian border collie, Henley. She makes many different flavors. Sis got us the banana biscotti flavor. They are shaped like paw prints and they are delicious. They are crunchy, but not too hard or tough. YUM!

investigating...looks good!

investigating...looks good!

Shiro VS the Bear

May 31, 2009

The Sis takes me up to her room for our special times just us no Akira. There I get to play with the stuffies cause Akira can’t play with stuffies cause he kills them and then he takes out all their insides and tears them to pieces. So she takes me up there and today I getted to play with a bear that is more than halfs of me. But I wasn’t scared at all. I showed the bear who is the boss and that is Shiro-da-biro Number One Shiba Inu. Watch how I win against that bear!!


May 6, 2009


Akira: This must be a doctored photo because I do not recall this happening.

Shiro: Maybe I was cold. Maybe the other side of the couch was wet or smelly. Maybe I was pushing Akira off to take his spot.

The Sis: Maybe you two LOVE EACH OTHER! Just accept it!

Dad – Son time

February 27, 2009

I like to walk with my Dad, play with my Dad AND rest on the big couch with him!

Resting Spots

February 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s good to cuddle up to a person. I always like napping in the crook of the Sis’s legs, and sometimes Akira likes to rest next to one of our people on a couch. Sis is wearing my pants, they are the pants she wears especially for me to lay on and lets me suck and nibble on them, but no other pants. they are warm flannel with little dogs on them! Akira is laying by Dad’s big ol’ feet.


Good Night

February 6, 2009



Where I Rest My Head

January 28, 2009

anywhere i’m at!


waiting for food --> taking a nap!

waiting for food --> taking a nap!


Akira ^-_-^

This is what we look like when we are waiting oh so patiently at the gate.


This is what we look like when we’re waiting for the Sis to hurry up already and come over the gate.


This is how happy we are to be with the Sis.


Shiro wouldn’t come inside until Mom told him the Sis was on her way, then she gave him his treat but he didn’t eat it. He sat at the gate and waited until the Sis came home. Then the Sis was playing with us and stuff and Mom told the Sis about Shiro not wanting to come in until she told him, and the Sis noticed the treat still laying there. Well, Shiro heard the word treat and he remembered about setting it there, so he went and got it and.. and… he brought it over and dropped it in front of me! Is Shiro learning to (gasp) share? I still think he only gave it to me because he doesn’t like it as much as the new treats the Sis got us, but still….