Long time no post

January 14, 2012

We’re sorry we’ve been away from the computer for a while, but we’re still around. We are 8 and 9 years old. Akira will be 10 in April. We now live with three cats, who mostly stay in the other rooms in the house, except Marko. Marko comes to visit us all the time and teases us. I am really more interested in the cat’s toys, than the cats, but sometimes I want to catch a cat, too. We are doing well. We just went to the vet today, as Akira posted below. Here I am post-vets. Do you think the DAP worked or am I just worn out from all the excitement?





More Than A Month Later

April 30, 2009

It is all the humans fault. I mean, we know we do not need to explain that to you dawgs, but just to make it clear for any humans who may be reading. NOT OUR FAULT!!!! We have a lot to post about and a lot of pictures and a lot of stories but for SOME REASON (i.e. humans), we have not had access to our due internet time. So, needless to say, we were in a very bad mood when we logged on this morning, but someone sent us something that had us barking out loud. So we thought we’d share that with you for now, so you’re not mad at us for not posting (even though it’s NOT OUR FAULT), and then we’ll post about us. We look forward to replying on all of your blogs too,


Akira (and Shiro)

see more dog and puppy pictures

A Week of Sis and Rado

August 20, 2008

Shiro and Akira take up their breakfast positions. Rado is eating.

When Sis got back from Bulgaria she spent almost a week with us, and her fiance Rado spent 3 days with us. We like him a lot. Sis says Akira likes him more than her. We don’t kiss and tell. Anyways, of course we have pictures of our time together. We’ll be putting them in a couple posts.

Shiro waits patiently

This is Akira’s Chair

New Picture and Update

March 16, 2008

Our Sister has been very lax in making sure that our blog posts get to you, our bloggy friends. Please forgive her business and forgetfulness. She also keeps getting sick. I think she should see our Vet. He seems to fix what’s wrong with us pretty quickly. Anyways, it has been pretty much of the same old. The family brought up an old loveseat from downstairs for us to use as a bed. We do pretty well in sharing it. Yesterday we went to the park. Sometimes we get to play tug of war with the rag toy. When Sis is home, she brushes our teeth and gives us extra treats, and puts us on her knee to look out the windows and keep watch. I met a pretty little border collie Suzie. Today, Dad is taking me to the park without Shiro today.


Dynamic Duo???

Our Luv is Like Sasquatch…

December 23, 2007

…rare and hard to capture on film…

Walking with Sis

December 22, 2007

That Sis sure is funny. If by funny you mean not quite right in the head. If by haha funny, then not so much, but she seems to think so. So we were on this walk (aka let’s-see-how-fast-we-can-run-until-the-sis-topples-over-and-i-pull-her-through-the-air-down-the road-like-marmaduke), and she says “you’re lucky you don’t have to wear shoes. i wish i had pads on the bottom of my feet.” she paused a little too dramatically, considering this deep thinking. “but then, i have opposable thumbs….you win some, you lose some.” yeah, see, i told you…not quite right in the head. Here’s a pic of me. I’m such a playa I wore myself out and fell asleep on the bball…

ki-ki (Akira)


December 22, 2007

The Sis is home. She is staying for like a week or something. I think thats alotadays long. She slept with us down on the couches ALLLLL night last night! she has this problem with having a camera in her hands a little too often, but what can ya do? thanks to Boo and Dopey for the great card! Here are some recent pics (thanx to the Sis bugging us)

I dug a whole

So big I fit my whole head under the fence.

And then they gave me a bath. The nerve!

Our Weekend in Three Parts

October 21, 2007

Well, as you know The Sis was home this weekend, which was pawsome, as always, until she had to leave which we weren’t too happy about. bah. So we’re writing this in three parts, this part we will write together, then shiro has a part on the Shirohole and akira has a part on the evil horned goat.

Part I

We had lots of fun with Sis. She brought us a soccer ball home and spoiled us with more treats than we usually get and took us to her bedroom to play and carried us to look out the windows we can’t reach and played with us and slept down on the couches with us some and cuddled and kissed us and took lots of pictures. well, the rest was good anyways. She can’t get the pictures from the digi camera to us until she finds her usb cord (doh!) but we’ll be posting the ones she took on her cell phone.

Here she caught us in action baring our teeth. Aren’t we fierce? Look at our fangs!

Then we kissed and made up. We were really just playing…mostly.