A Walk in the Park

November 28, 2008


With Our Sis

November 21, 2008



November 20, 2008

Our Sis is home and has brought new treats. Those omega salmon things and crunchy little carrot treats. Very good, but the Sis thinks we are strange because we took the new treats, carried them to the family room, and set them down and examined them before we would eat them. We were just making sure they were on the up and up… Can’t be too safe (the Sis: really? Then why will you immediately stick any non edible object that falls onto the floor in your mouths?) what does everydog think? How do you act when you get brand new treats?

In other news, we now have a videos page and the “shiba smack down” video with fixed music is there.


November 19, 2008


Q: Why does my dog like to burrow under the covers?

A: “Dogs are denning animals,” explains Kellyann Conway, treasurer of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and co-founder of PetsIncredible, a media production company that develops pet-related media. In the same way that humans like to fluff up their pillows before settling in for the night, she says, some dogs like to create comfy beds and hide under clothes and sheets to make themselves feel safe, warm and comfortable. All breeds may do this, but terriers, hounds and huskies are more predisposed to burrowing than others.

There’s no downside or risk to letting your dog burrow, unless you don’t want dog hair under the covers. A separate dog bed might be handy to keep the hair out of yours. An additional bonus of your dog having the instinct to burrow is that it can make crate training easier, since being in a crate can mimic that denlike environment.

I just think it's comfy...

I just think it's comfy...

Stealing the Spotlight

November 18, 2008

img_6947Here is Shiro getting in the shot of me and the Sis.

img_6946Here he goes again.

img_6948Finally, my photo (notice Shiro skulking in the background upset that I’m getting attention) He needs to learn to share. Sigh.

Wish List

November 17, 2008

All I want for Christmas…

From http://shop.theanimalrescuesite.com/store :


We both want: Rippys

Give your pets a toy they can really tear into! The fun and original Rippys™ Tear-Apart Dog Toy combines the plush pleasures of an animal-shaped toy (with detachable limbs!) with a ripping noise that dogs go wild over! A rippingly good alternative to shredding shoes and furniture.

Available in two designs, the Pig oinks and the Lion snarls. Limbs attach with heavy-duty Velcro connectors for countless hours of fun!



Akira wants: Hip Hound Doggie Ties

For the dignified dog! Our Hip Hound Doggie Ties turn an everyday collar into a fashion statement.

Dog tie features an elastic loop on the back which slides over most collars. Choose from Yuppie Puppy, The Boss, or Sloppy Kisser.

Available elsewhere

Shiro wants a pet rock house


rock jacuzzi

rock jacuzzi


We both want: bacon cheese and beer hot dog (NOT made of dog)

hollow out a few hot dogs, fill them with cheese, wrap them in Bacon and deep fry them….

We both want:

Dog sushi



Paw to the face!

November 16, 2008



Shiba Smack Down

November 14, 2008

for some reason the song cuts off and it’s supposed to be on the whole time, but until it’s fixed, you can hum to yourself ^-_-^

Brushing Our Teeths

November 13, 2008



November 11, 2008

the cuz is waiting!

the cuz is waiting!

let's wrestle!

let's wrestle!

you'll never get my stick!

you'll never get my stick!