Recently, Sis has been keeping a daily writing journal about her interactions with nature for her “Wilderness and Literature” class in grad school. Oddly enough, a number of these entries include us! She said we could share some of them with you, to give you a peoples-eye perspective of us. She is working on getting them all typed up– here is the first batch for your viewing pleasure (Click on the small picture to see it bigger!):

***Note: When you click on the link, it is possible your Internet browser will resize the image to fit– to accurately read the print, you need to see it full size, so (if you have Internet Explorer), mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the image until a box with four arrows coming out of the corners appears and click.***


Can't you tell I want to play?
Hmmm… We think we are quite easy to understand. Our family doesn’t seem to have any trouble, either! But apparently, some people want to know how to “decipher” our “bark.” We were amazed when we read this article, and wanted to share it with everydog. Here is is:
We shortened the url cause the original was tooooooooo long! Let us know your opinions!

All About Us

September 21, 2006

Since we got this spiffy new blog, we thought we’d better say a few word about ourselves and our family. First we will explain our living situation: We both currently live in Ohio with Mom, Dad, and Lukey. For a while, Akira lived in Maryland with Sis and Luke, while Shiro kept Mom and Dad company in Ohio. Now Sis had to move to Pennsylvania, and her apartment doesn’t allow dogs (What’s up with that?!) But it is only one hour and a half away, so she gets to be with us between 2 and four and a half days a week, depending on her schedule. It is not the situation we would like best, but it is better than not seeing her at all. We let her know how much we miss her by howling when she leaves after spending the weekend with us, and we are building this blog so she can visit us online, too.
Now, our introductions:
small Akira
Akira: I was born April 25, 2002. I came to live with my new family on August 2, 2002. I rode in the back of the car with Sis and demolished my first edible peanut butter bone. I also gave her lot of kisses, as I was glad to be a part of the family already! I was still had to adjust a little bit to my new home, but it didn’t take long! Here is a picture of me just a few days at my new home (look how small I was!). My name means “intelligent/bright” in Japanese, and my family says that it fits me. The only problem is some people think it sounds girly, and I’m a boy. But they don’t know the anime character apparently. It wasn’t too long before I graduated from PetsMart puppy obedience training. I got along well with the other dogs, and my family decided that maybe I needed a brother or sister to play with all of the time, enter Shiro. At first I didn’t pay any attention to Shiro (I wouldn’t even look at him in the car!). I was afraid my people would love him more, but now I know that was silly. We like to play-fight and sometimes we pick on each other, but when it comes down to it, we are there for each other. I like walking, running, chasing and scouting wild animals outside, sleeping, and having my belly rubbed.

Shiro as baby
I was born on September 12th, 2003. I am a cream-colored Shiba Inu, which means some people don’t like me because I’m not “breed standard.” My family thinks it is a nice color, though, and I like it too. Of course, sometimes you can’t tell how light I am as I like to get dirty digging. My “full name” is Shiro no kachi, which means “White Wins” in Japanese (Sis knew this from Karate tournaments where the people fighting are red and white). Here is a baby picture of me. I don’t remember that! I do remember coming home with Sis, Dad, and Akira, though! I wouldn’t stay in my crate in the car, cause it was scary, but I was a good boy when Sis held me in her arms. I still don’t like carrides, though- Akira loves them, but I get sick. I like cuddling, giving kisses, playing with all my toys one after another, trying to climb trees, and getting rid of toads.

Welcome to Our World!

September 21, 2006

Welcome to our very own blog! We have separate dogster pages with diary entries, but we decided we can share a blog for the whole doggy-world to see! Sis says we don’t share our favorite nylabones very well, so how are we going to share a blog, but we think she’s being cynical. We were inspired to make a blog by reading all of your cool blogs, especially Ivy’s. We agrrree that squirrels are evil. Thank you for the informative site. We will try to post as often as we can, and in the meantime, please visit our dogster pages:

We hope you come back and see us soon!