Shiro: The Early Years, pt 1

September 20, 2008

I am now five years old, so I thought I would take some time to look back on my life thus far.This is me when I was borned ^^^^^
this is me at 4wks old, before i came to my furever home ^^^

This is me when I was just a tiny puppy. Look how much bigger than me Akira was then! (Akira: I’m still bigger than you)—>here i am getting a little bigger, but still pretty fluffy^^^


How I Love my Kong

August 21, 2008

Here’s our contest entry for Hot Diggity Dog!My firstest kong
when i was small
love it when they’d fill it full
with carrots and apple
my favorite filling, nothing better
was my p-butter.
Time passed and I’ve destroyed a wubba
but of my kong there’s no other!

Way back when I was a tiny puppy, my favorite place to hang out was under the couch. Now, I can still get under there if I breath in real deep and shove myself in, and I do when the Cuz gets lost under there or something, but back when I was smaller, I used to just chill under the couch. It was shady, there were cool things hanging down to play with, I could pull out stuffing if I got bored, I could make a quick getaway from Akira when we were wrestling, ah those were the days. Now Sis just found these never-before-seen-on-the-Internet-pictures of me in my glory days. Hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoyed it when it happened!

Sis finally got around to helping us scan these photos…luckily her roommate has a scanner!

Since everdog is doing the wet-dog look lately (See Boo’s blog), here’s one for you:

Here’s one from our younger days:

Finally, here’s one when Shiro was nearly smaller than the basketball he’s playing with!:

Hope you enjoyed these old pics!