Tagged by Ben-Ben!

May 30, 2007

Ben-Benjamin tagged us! Rules: List out 7 thingy that you never mention in your blog, then tag another 7 victims.

Oooh this is hard. Can we have 7 between us, or do we have to have 7 each? Well, we’ll see how far we get first:

  1. Shiro: I love potato chips. I mean, love. I know I’m not supposed to have them, but when Dad comes home for lunch, I wait for him to finish eating his soup, then I go to the pantry and wait and hope and wait and hope for him to open it and get out a bag of Lay’s potato chips and hope and wait and hope and wait for him to drop one.
  2. Akira: I once bit my Mom, but it was only because Shiro was screeching when she tried to put on his collar or something and I thought she was hurting him and I got scared and tried to protect him. I bit her in the butt. She forgave me.
  3. Shiro: I still try to suck on Sis’s clothes (especially her pajamas) She has a Shiro-mouth-sized-hole where I nibbled in her night shirt. She says I am oral retentive or something. She says I was not nursed long enough.
  4. Akira: The whole car ride home from getting Shiro, I looked out the window and NOT at Shiro. It turns out he’s not awful, though. He is fun to play with sometimes, and I am a good example for him and a good big brother.
  5. Shiro: The whole car ride home from getting me, I sat on Sis’s lap after I kept crying in the crate. I was perfectly content in Sis’s lap, though.
  6. Akira: I love carrots. Are dogs supposed to like veggies? I like most veggies, but NOT GREEN PEPPERS!
  7. Shiro: My dog-mom was a red shiba, and my dog-dad was a black shiba. And I’m just a mixed up cream-colored pup!
  8. Akira: I don’t like it when things are out of place. I hate Halloween and Christmas because there are lots of decorations outside that SHOULDN’T be there.
  9. Shiro: I HATE to be touched around my neck. I HATE wearing a collar. I HATE to put it back on after a bath. I WILL NOT TOLERATE a bandanna around my neck. Don’t even try to put on one of those collars they give you after surgeries. You will regret it.
  10. Akira: I do not like thunderstorms. I jammed myself under the couch in a thunderstorm. Even I am not sure how I did it. I just held my breath. Then I got stuck. Shiro whined for the parents, and Mom had to lift the couch in the air for me to scoot out. They put my crate back in the room after that, and I go there when I’m scared, tired, or just want to “get away” from it all.
  11. Shiro: I don’t mind thunderstorms, but I am not so fond of fireworks.
  12. Akira: I had to drop out of Intermediate Obedience Training because I had some weird fur skin fungus and didn’t want the other dogs to catch it. When I was there, however, the trainer said that I was the most well behaved Shiba Inu she had EVER seen. Ever. And she’s seen a lot. That’s ever. I am still weighing the Canine Good Citizen training.
  13. Shiro: Do not touch me while I am asleep. Or when I am about to fall asleep. Or when I am just waking up. You are risking your fingers.
  14. Akira: I hate bugs. Especially bees, but I will run from any flying nagging buzzing insect. They try to get up my butt and I have a tail that sticks up and curls on my back, so there is nothing back there to protect it! Sometimes I will just sit hard on the ground so there is no access.

Well, we hope you learned something new! We are tagging Brownie Roo the Brown Monster, Dusty Doodles, Loki, Yoshi and Tsuki, Indy Pindy, and Bruce.


10 Responses to “Tagged by Ben-Ben!”

  1. Joe Stains said

    bugs try to go IN YOUR BUTT? I have never heard about this, I feel just as scared as you now as I have no butt cover. We liked the secrets you shared!

  2. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Woh you 2 have alot of interesting things. πŸ™‚

    ~ girl girl

  3. Simba said

    lots of interesting facts there.

    Simba xx

  4. Ben_Benjamin said

    Oh Akira & Shiro, I never expect you guys to write so many facs bout yourself but Im glad I know you 2 more…hehe

    I dont like to wear collar too!! or I should say I dont like the process of wearing my collar after bath time.

  5. Ferndoggle said

    I bit my Mom once too…but I was really trying to bite Sherman.


  6. Forest Dogs said

    Jazz- I was looking at that bugs one… I still try to eat bugs when I can, because before I was rescued, when I was a puppy, I ran round the wild eating bugs to live!

    Hi Akira and Shiro

    The Dona Nobis Pacem (Peaceglobe) Day has really caught the imagination of some blogging dogs. Up until now, the Catosphere has dominated, but Mimi, founder of the Blogblast for Peace (yes, it really does have that many names!) has sent out a plea for more peace-loving dogs to join:

    The Second Official
    Blogblast for Peace
    6th June 2007

    …Excitement is building…

    (If you do ‘Wordless Wednesday’ a Peaceglobe would be fantastic! *lick*)

  7. Scout & Max said

    Hey, add us to your list of friends, we now have a blog! It’s Scout and Max, the shiba and tibetan spaniel… :>

  8. Scout & Max said

    Mom is still trying to figure the blog out.. how to set up the sidebar thingy and would like to add you guys as well? mom is dumb as a block! why else do we get so much cheese from her…

  9. Kobe and Faylin said

    Hi you guys. you are both very cute. We are Shibas too, and are just beginners with the whole blog thing. We don’t like baths either but we do love to get dirty.
    Kobe and Faylin

  10. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    I’m back!! I will do mine tomorrow!!!

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