Shiro VS the Bear

May 31, 2009

The Sis takes me up to her room for our special times just us no Akira. There I get to play with the stuffies cause Akira can’t play with stuffies cause he kills them and then he takes out all their insides and tears them to pieces. So she takes me up there and today I getted to play with a bear that is more than halfs of me. But I wasn’t scared at all. I showed the bear who is the boss and that is Shiro-da-biro Number One Shiba Inu. Watch how I win against that bear!!


Steelers Dogs

February 3, 2009

We have a crush on Big Beyonce!

Shiba Smack Down

November 14, 2008

for some reason the song cuts off and it’s supposed to be on the whole time, but until it’s fixed, you can hum to yourself ^-_-^


November 6, 2008

We occasionally do tricks for treats, and we can do them really well when we want to. We knew she was filming though, so we decided to give her a hard time and try to make her just give us the treats without tricks. oh well, we still look good doing it.

sorry the video quality is bad, but if you look closely you can see me jumping higher than a deer!

PeanutButter Video

August 25, 2008

here’s us and one of our favorite food groups, peanut butter. one thing that can both keep us occupied together and cause us to fight over it– peanut butter. the song is PB&J by a band called Chaibaba who are friends of the Sis. enjoy!

Akira and I actually have many ultimate showdowns aka staring contests followed by a sudden attack! In this video, I attack first, but you have to wait a while for the staring contest to end. You may really want to fast forward a bit at times, but we didn’t edit out the staring contest so that you can get a true impression of how determined we can be!

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Akira & Shiro

Our New Cuz!

March 4, 2007

Sis came home this weekend and brought us new treats and a new toy! She says it is a Cuz. He can walk and jump and bounce and roll and squeak! He is lots of fun! Here are some pictures of us and our new Cuz!
What is this strange little green creature?

Akira! Don’t chew the feet off!

This little Cuz sure is tuff!

My turn!

Get it, Shiro!

Oh no! The cuz rolled under the couch! Don’t worry, I’ll get it!

I’m make that Cuz squeak!

Boy, that was fun!

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We had lots of fun with our new Cuz! Thanks, Sis!

Akira & Shiro

Our First Video!

January 1, 2007