Banana Biscotti

June 1, 2009


Our Sis bought us homemade dog cookies at a Farmer’s Market in Pittsburgh. The lady makes them for her Australian border collie, Henley. She makes many different flavors. Sis got us the banana biscotti flavor. They are shaped like paw prints and they are delicious. They are crunchy, but not too hard or tough. YUM!

investigating...looks good!

investigating...looks good!


Wish List

November 17, 2008

All I want for Christmas…

From :


We both want: Rippys

Give your pets a toy they can really tear into! The fun and original Rippys™ Tear-Apart Dog Toy combines the plush pleasures of an animal-shaped toy (with detachable limbs!) with a ripping noise that dogs go wild over! A rippingly good alternative to shredding shoes and furniture.

Available in two designs, the Pig oinks and the Lion snarls. Limbs attach with heavy-duty Velcro connectors for countless hours of fun!



Akira wants: Hip Hound Doggie Ties

For the dignified dog! Our Hip Hound Doggie Ties turn an everyday collar into a fashion statement.

Dog tie features an elastic loop on the back which slides over most collars. Choose from Yuppie Puppy, The Boss, or Sloppy Kisser.

Available elsewhere

Shiro wants a pet rock house


rock jacuzzi

rock jacuzzi


We both want: bacon cheese and beer hot dog (NOT made of dog)

hollow out a few hot dogs, fill them with cheese, wrap them in Bacon and deep fry them….

We both want:

Dog sushi




November 7, 2008

caught playing together

caught playing together

Sis was with us Wednesday and Thursday again like last week. She said that is her Saturday and Sunday. Everyday is like a weekend to us! Well, except there are usually more people around more often on the weekend, but the Dad is retired so we’re in good company. The Sis and the Moms took us out for a short walk by the woods and when we got back the Sis saw something on Shiro’s face and grabbed it real quick and found out it was a tick. Ewww. Shiro says: I didnt really even notice it there, but I’m glad she caught it. I only catch big things like moles and groundhogs and toads and mice and stuff.

super duper supper time

super duper supper time

The Sis spoils us when she is with us and gives us both some alone time with her one-on-one attention so we don’t fight over her. She plays with us and gives us treats and shares her pop-tarts with us. She’ll even sleep on the couch with us if we ask her to. the Sis says: Shiro keeps me warmed curled up in my legs and he makes me feel safe and comforted and warm.

is this a doofus face?

is this a doofus face?

We finished off the salmon treats this “weekend” with the Sis and now we hope she brings us more next time she comes. We played a lot and had a good time.

chowing down on some treats

chowing down on some treats

after many technical difficulties, here are some pictures from my birthday celebration


my my-size-green-basketball

alaskan salmon and potatoes


we like

akira gave his seal of approval also! i thought it was my birthday present, but sis made me share!!! not fair.

My Birthday, by Shiro

September 18, 2008

Another year has gone by. I am a whole five years old! Can you believe it? The Sis bought me some pressies. I love to play with Daddy’s basketball, but it is a little bit for me, so Sis brought me a my-size-basketball. Also, it’s green, which is my second favorite color. The next time Sis came, I brought her that toy first thing to play with, and we took it outside and got it all muddy! Akira was being a stick in the mud and wouldn’t play outside. But the Sis and me did. First we played with the green basketball, and then with my favorite rock. Then I worked on my holes. I got so dirty Sis washed my paws in the sink. I did NOT like that. I hate to have my paws touched let alone washed. Oh i also got some yummies for my birthday. I had to share with Akira though, and I don’t think that’s fair. He really liked them too, so he thinks he SHOULD get to share! Anyways, the treats are alaska salmon and potatoes. yum!
Sis took lots of pictures, but they are still on the Moms camera, so they’re not up yet 😦

PeanutButter Video

August 25, 2008

here’s us and one of our favorite food groups, peanut butter. one thing that can both keep us occupied together and cause us to fight over it– peanut butter. the song is PB&J by a band called Chaibaba who are friends of the Sis. enjoy!


Dessert- Yum!

December 10, 2006

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Desserts
When Sis and Akira got back from PetsMart, they brought back some dessert! We got to have some of it that evening! There was a nice lady there from the Nutro company who gave Sis a coupon for four cans for one dollar! So Sis got two in the “Carrot Cake” flavor, and two in the “Apple Torte.” They are also available in the “Berry Cobbler.” She just gave us each a spoonful to make sure it didn’t upset our stomachs. I really liked the “Carrot Cake” kind. After I inhaled mine, Akira hadn’t finished his, so I thought I’d help him out, only he really did want to finish it, he just eats slower. Hopefully we can have more soon, and try out the apple, too!