Our Family

August 25, 2008

Mom and Akira

Shiro giving Dad kisses

Akira trying on Dad’s glasses

Shiro burrowing into the Sis

Akira, Shiro, and the Sis.

The Brother is notoriously camera shy, but we’ll try again…


Father’s Day

June 19, 2007

Sarah and Shiro with their Daddy!

We were extra nice to our Dad on Daddy-Day! We told him he could take long naps with us, kick back on the couch, have a nice steak dinner with us, and then go for a refreshing evening walk! Aren’t we good sons? We are our Dad’s little athletes, we like to play ball with him and wrestle. Happy Daddy Day!

We love all our hoomans! Our Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sis!

We love our Daddy cause he plays with us. He says we our his star athletes

We love our Daddy cause he always spends time with us when he gets home from work or the store or wherever.

We love our Mommy cause she takes us for long walks.

We love our Mommy cause she cuddles with us on the couch.

We love our Brother cause he knows just how to scratch us!

We love our Brother cause he helps us with our bone.

We love our Brother cause he lets us give him kissies!

We love our Sis cause she holds are Galieleo bone while we chew it.

We love her cause she plays with us.

We love her cause she lets us lick her in her ear!

Some Family Photos

December 3, 2006

We realized we never show you many pictures of us with our dear Humans. We scanned some regular (not digital) photos in tonight for your viewing pleasure. The whites turned a little yellowy though. Here are some with our FAMILY:

Akira and Dad

Akira and Mom

Shiro and Dad

Sarah (Sis) with Shiro and Luke (da brother) with Akira