June 3, 2009

CatDogDoes anybody remember a Nickelodeon cartoon called CatDog? Yeah, us neither. Sounds pretty stupid, but the Sis mentioned it after she said that we are Cat dogs, and her new kitten (yes, really) is a Dog cat. Whatever that means. We are dogs. Just because her kitten is more playful and cuddly and plays fetch does not make us less of a dog! What is wrong with being an independent self sufficient pup? We deign to give the humans our royal presence and they want us to come when called. Humans are weird.

So the kitten. Yes. Well, as you may or may not know, the Sis lives most of the time in Pittsburgh now with her fiance and she works there. She is not allowed to have dogs in her apartment (even Cat dogs apparently). She comes home to see us a lot, and spoils us and takes us on long walks when she is here, and always brings treats, so it’s not too bad. The Sis has been volunteering at the Human Society walking dogs, and somehow she took a kitten home from there! What?! Well, I guess that makes us step brothers or half brothers or something, so we’ll put the link to his new blog. He is not bad, he is still a baby, so we’ll give him a chance. His blog is

Our "brother" Marko

Our "brother" Marko


6 Responses to “Cat-Dog”

  1. Huskee Boy said

    OMdoG… how come your new step/ half brother has the exact same color/ markings as Hershey? Be warned guys!! (then again, Marko looks way cuter than the black and white one in my house)

  2. Joe Stains said

    Well he certainly has the right coloring, I approve of that!! I will go check out his blog!

  3. Janice said

    I remember Cat-Dog, it was on about the same time as other weird cartoons like “I am Weasel” and “Cow and Chicken”. We actually had someone think that Eric and Kimiko were cat-dogs (no joke, they asked it with a straight face!)

  4. Kayla said

    I feel very sorry for you, if you do not know what Catdog is. They are my bigest hero/s. I love them. It was one of the best shows ever and they should bring them back.

  5. Sebastian said

    HAHAHA You are a dumbass c: catdog was the BEST show EVER! D; I agree with Kayla, but I do not feel sorry for you.

  6. Marko is adorable !

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