The Sis Was Here (But Only for 3 hours)

December 4, 2008

This is what we look like when we are waiting oh so patiently at the gate.


This is what we look like when we’re waiting for the Sis to hurry up already and come over the gate.


This is how happy we are to be with the Sis.


Shiro wouldn’t come inside until Mom told him the Sis was on her way, then she gave him his treat but he didn’t eat it. He sat at the gate and waited until the Sis came home. Then the Sis was playing with us and stuff and Mom told the Sis about Shiro not wanting to come in until she told him, and the Sis noticed the treat still laying there. Well, Shiro heard the word treat and he remembered about setting it there, so he went and got it and.. and… he brought it over and dropped it in front of me! Is Shiro learning to (gasp) share? I still think he only gave it to me because he doesn’t like it as much as the new treats the Sis got us, but still….


4 Responses to “The Sis Was Here (But Only for 3 hours)”

  1. Simba said

    You look very happy to see your sis.

    Simba x

  2. Scottie said

    That is so cute that Shiro wanted to share! I’m sure he did it because he loves you, Akira…*grins* You both look SOOO contented and happy to see your Sis. =)


  3. Joe Stains said

    I am amazed, I hope my Mom doesn’t get ideas that I should learn this sharing business.

  4. Rudolf Inu says: “Thank GOD my lil’ bro Goofy is a super duper fussy eater, thats the ONLY good thing having him around…”

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