November 19, 2008


Q: Why does my dog like to burrow under the covers?

A: “Dogs are denning animals,” explains Kellyann Conway, treasurer of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and co-founder of PetsIncredible, a media production company that develops pet-related media. In the same way that humans like to fluff up their pillows before settling in for the night, she says, some dogs like to create comfy beds and hide under clothes and sheets to make themselves feel safe, warm and comfortable. All breeds may do this, but terriers, hounds and huskies are more predisposed to burrowing than others.

There’s no downside or risk to letting your dog burrow, unless you don’t want dog hair under the covers. A separate dog bed might be handy to keep the hair out of yours. An additional bonus of your dog having the instinct to burrow is that it can make crate training easier, since being in a crate can mimic that denlike environment.

I just think it's comfy...

I just think it's comfy...


5 Responses to “Nesting”

  1. Scottie said

    That is a cool photo and a great explanation, Akira! Thanks for sharing it…*grins*

    Hope you have a great day!


  2. technodoll said

    LOL! I noticed they’re using cushion stuffins to “pad the nest”! Ah, gotta love those clever pups πŸ˜€

  3. I think they want to play hide and seek!

  4. Bae said

    Oh I like to do that with tissue papers too

    ~ Bae

  5. Simba said

    Sounds like a good excuse to make a mess lol.

    Simba x

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