Stealing the Spotlight

November 18, 2008

img_6947Here is Shiro getting in the shot of me and the Sis.

img_6946Here he goes again.

img_6948Finally, my photo (notice Shiro skulking in the background upset that I’m getting attention) He needs to learn to share. Sigh.


8 Responses to “Stealing the Spotlight”

  1. Boo said

    who likes to share? i don’t! UNFORTUNATELY, i have to. 😦

    wet wet licks


  2. Simba said

    Hehe, looks like a star in the making.

    Simba x

  3. Amber-Mae said

    U don’t like to share either but I HAVE to says Mommy!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Monkey said

    I don’t mind sharing… except for the couch!

  5. Joe Stains said

    I am not so big on sharing either, so I can’t say much!

  6. technodoll said

    Shibas are so awesome, they *deserve* the spotlight!

  7. There she goes again…
    Share, share, SHARE!!

    Oooh… Thats our Mum!

    Needs more attention,
    Rudolf & Goofy

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