November 7, 2008

caught playing together

caught playing together

Sis was with us Wednesday and Thursday again like last week. She said that is her Saturday and Sunday. Everyday is like a weekend to us! Well, except there are usually more people around more often on the weekend, but the Dad is retired so we’re in good company. The Sis and the Moms took us out for a short walk by the woods and when we got back the Sis saw something on Shiro’s face and grabbed it real quick and found out it was a tick. Ewww. Shiro says: I didnt really even notice it there, but I’m glad she caught it. I only catch big things like moles and groundhogs and toads and mice and stuff.

super duper supper time

super duper supper time

The Sis spoils us when she is with us and gives us both some alone time with her one-on-one attention so we don’t fight over her. She plays with us and gives us treats and shares her pop-tarts with us. She’ll even sleep on the couch with us if we ask her to. the Sis says: Shiro keeps me warmed curled up in my legs and he makes me feel safe and comforted and warm.

is this a doofus face?

is this a doofus face?

We finished off the salmon treats this “weekend” with the Sis and now we hope she brings us more next time she comes. We played a lot and had a good time.

chowing down on some treats

chowing down on some treats


2 Responses to “Up-To-Date”

  1. Boo said

    tick on the face!!! ok, i had it once. it was right next to my nose and mom didn’t notice it until i went to the groomer. she thought ticks will never get there. she was wrong.

    wet wet licks


  2. dang ticks!
    crush them!!!!

    p/s: could you please leave us some treats the next time we pop by? we’re always drooling over your goodies, its flooding here, lol!

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