Lovers or Fighters?

August 22, 2008

the quickest way to end a fight is to start kissing…


4 Responses to “Lovers or Fighters?”

  1. MJ's doghouse said

    thankyou for visiting my blog…i will upate soon…wehn i get a new mom dropped mine in the pool…seriously…can humans get any dumber….i just want you both to know that my mom and i think you are both beautttttttttttiful

  2. Joe Stains said

    I have missed you guys! The Steelers are on tomorrow! WOO!

  3. BWTH Dog House said

    Lover!!! I can see those lovey bite between you 2…have a great weekend!!

    Slorpy licks,

  4. Simba said

    That looks like a love/hate relationship to me.

    Simba x

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