What Halloween Means for a Shiba Inu

October 31, 2007

When this time a year comes around, the humans tend to act weird. We’re pretty sure this is nothing new to everydog, but since we are Shiba Inu, we are posting some pictures (2 old ones of us and 2 we found on the Internet, with links to their originals) of what it means to be a Shiba Inu on Halloween….

Akira decked out for Halloweenie

This is what Shiro thinks of pumpkins: Let’s try to eat them!


More (yes, even more cruelty to shiba kind):
And, apparently, a whole set of photos from a gathering specifically instituted for the Halloweenie Humiliation of Shiba kind: Shibaween

12 Responses to “What Halloween Means for a Shiba Inu”

  1. Joe Stains said

    poor shibas 😦

  2. Simba said

    My Mummy thinks you look cute. I feel your pain.

    Simba xx

  3. 2shibas said

    “Shibaween!” That is BRILLIANT. (The word, not the wardrobe cruelty.)

    Wiley & Fievel

  4. Barlow Putz said

    with that shash you look like an army hero…we love you, the platoon of four….sandy speeding sadie and duke

  5. Boo said

    well, most dogs dress up but not me!

    wet wet licks


  6. Girl Girl Hamster said

    You doggies sure look cute in the costumes

    ~ Girl girl

  7. Brownie Roo the Brown Monster said

    Did you go trick or treating Akira? We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Singapore. Shiro what does Pumpkin taste like?

    Brownie Roo

  8. Comet and BLU said

    I can’t believe you didn’t tear off those costumes. When will people learn not to dress us in things they wouldn’t even wear.

  9. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Hey Akira & Shiro, have you sis receive the package from Eil already?

    ~ Girl girl

  10. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    Oh my goodness…i love to eat pumpkins too!! So fiberlicious.

  11. Barlow Putz said

    for recent, first ever pictures of sadie duke speeding sandy and jaspher bell go now to our blog

  12. 2shibas said

    Hey – where have you guys been since Halloween? We miss you!

    Wiley & Fievel

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