The Evil Two Horned Goat

October 21, 2007

Well, we risked life and limb to get these photos for you, but here they are. The goat first got up on his goat house to see us better as we approached. Then he tried to charge us, but luckily his rope held. I growled and warned him to BACK UP! Doesn’t he look scary? Other than the close encounter with the goat, it was a great walk Sis took me all over the place and one time she said “Akira, I don’t even know where we are? What road issss this?” but I knew where we were. She was worried about the rain letting loose, but I don’t mind getting wet. She also ran with me a bit cause sometimes I just need to run. Luv,


7 Responses to “The Evil Two Horned Goat”

  1. Joe Stains said

    oh my dog that goat is pure evil! you are brave to get us these photos!

  2. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Oh that goat looks scary. You sure are brave doggies to get so close to take his photo

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Simba said

    He does look evil. Thank you for been so brave and getting a photo for us.

    Simba xx

  4. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    Oh my dogness! You could have taken that goat. I know a shiba named Ogus and he is tougher than a rottweiler.

  5. Barlow Putz said

    just such bravery, lst ivy paws in i must go on, i must not stop for water and now shirio and a most dangerous goat…. i will tell you a story about who sandy and jhasper bell need courage for and that is shelley Mother of my grand, who says the reason she does not visit is allergies to us two…wow talk about needing bravery for that… we think she is allergic to shelley and not us

  6. Barlow Putz said

    oh and by the way bruce, thank you for your visit to our post while we were taqlking about a steller jay in our yard, did you know pictures of us are on barlow biker and barlow bark?????

  7. Brownie Roo the Brown Monster said

    Wow, you are just like a dogcumentary film maker!
    Brownie Roo

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