Up to the Usual Tricks

October 3, 2007

We are sorry. Actually, we are not sorry, we are irate. Sis is sorry. She has been far too busy lately. Far. Too. Busy. But when she’s here we soak up every moment of it. And she always feels guilty and so gives us extra special treats, like Pumpkin Crumble or Carrot Cake treats. Guilt is a powerful motivator. Here are some recent pics.
Akira & Shiro

7 Responses to “Up to the Usual Tricks”

  1. Simba said

    You look very happy in the photo’s.

    Simba xx

  2. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Hey Akira & Shiro, I missed you guys. Glad you got those yummy treats from your sister.

    ~ Girl girl

  3. Joe said

    we really miss yinz guys, I hope you can update more!!

  4. Boo said


    you miss all our wishes for your b’day!

    wet wet licks


  5. Brownie Roo the Brown Monster said

    Welcome back! Pumpkin Crumble sounds yummy! You have such a nice smile Akira. What are you looking at Shiro?


    Brownie Roo

  6. Ben_Benjamin said

    Oh Akira & Shiro, I miss u soooooo sooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!! Mom is very busy lately too…mayb I should stayover night at your place then we have super fun together !! *wink

  7. 2shibas said

    It’s so good to see you guys again. We were worrying about you! You both look totally excited doing what you love best…We completely know the feeling! Keep in touch!

    Wiley & Fievel

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