Sorry Doggies!

August 7, 2007

I am writing to apologize for myself and keeping the boys away recently. I was out of the country for a couple of weeks in Trinidad and Tobago, and they were unable to get the Brother off the computer long enough to blog while I was gone. As an offering to make up for their forced absence, I am posting two pics of me with some puppies on Lopinot Plantation in Trinidad. All of the dogs sort of flocked to me there and followed me around everywhere. I hope the boys aren’t too jealous, but thought you all might like to see the pics.


21 Responses to “Sorry Doggies!”

  1. Joe Stains said

    omdog I was wondering what happened to yinz! those puppies are cute but not nearly as cute as Akira and Shiro!

  2. Simba said

    ah cute puppies.

    Simba x

  3. Boo said

    hey, we were worried where’s akira & shiro were. glad everything’s fine!

    cute puppies too.

    wet we tlicks


  4. BLU and Comet said

    Those puppies are adorable! Hope you enjoyed your trip (and gave Akira and Shiro lots of treats for leaving them).

  5. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Those puppies are cute. I wanna see Akira & Shiro’s pictures too. πŸ™‚

    ~ Girl girl

  6. Ivy said

    hey hey akira and shiro! i bet you are glad to haf your mom back home again. i wanna know about all the strange stuff she brot back that you got to sniff. what does trinidad smell like?

  7. LG said

    Hi, sorry to bother you, I was wondering how it was going between your two Shibas. My boyfriend just agreed to let me have a second one (I have a male of two years old) and I was wondering if I should take a female or another male… I’m a lot more fond of males, but I don’t know how it will be between them… Can you give me your opinion ?? Thanks a lot !!

  8. IndyPindy said

    Awwwwww, what cute puppies! I guess they could tell you are a “dog person”! Glad you are back!

  9. Ben_Benjamin said

    Oh there you are.

    I miss Akira & Shiro!!!

    Happy Barkday to Shiro!!!!

    Come back soon.

  10. Maggie & Mitch said

    Happy birthday Shiro! We hope you get lots of treats and pressies on your special day!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Boo said

    hey shiro, it’s your birthday today, i wanna wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    please come back and blog!

    wet wet licks


  12. Lorenza said

    Hi, Shiro
    I wish you a very happy birthday!

  13. Momo :) said

    Hello Shiro!! HAPPY BARKDAY!!

    Momo xoxo

  14. Joe Stains said

    happy birthday shiro!!

  15. Freda said

    Happys Barkday, Shiros! Hope you had a greats day.


    Freda (βˆ†ΓŸ)

  16. the Corgi Girls said

    OMD those puppies are adorable! So are you two Akira and Shiro!

  17. Brownie The Brown Monster said

    Did miss your birthday Shiro? Happy Belated Birthday to you! Many Licks to you…

    Love Brownie Roo

  18. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    I am back from my hiatus as well!

  19. Hana said

    Awwww, those puppies are cute!!

  20. THE ZOO said

    there soo cute but they kinda luk lyk baby lambs. we hope w aint crazzzy finking that.

  21. A&S said

    lg– if it’s not too late…get a female. us two boys get along okaaaay both being fixed, but we would have much preferred a sister. of course, it’s kind of fun to have a wrestling partner sometimes.

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