July 2, 2007

You’ve heard of Facebook? Well if your people are on Facebook, tell them to add you on a Dogbook account! We now have our own spot on there–


Akira & Shiro

12 Responses to “Dogbook”

  1. Joe Stains said

    oh boy, yet another thing for mom to waste time on

  2. Simba said

    Face book looks cool.

    Simba x

  3. Boo said

    wow, so many doggie related websites nowadays.

    wet wet licks


  4. The Airechicks said

    Akira & Shiro:

    Nice to meet you….facebook ???

    Looks like a nice place…

  5. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Hum.. I wonder if I can join in the dogbook thingy

    ~ girl girl

  6. e said

    OK we’re going to join.


  7. IndyPindy said

    How cool! My mom made a Facebook account for the rescue, she will have to find you and add you as friends!

  8. Hui Min said

    hi guys this is cool πŸ™‚ is it the same as dogster?


  9. Ivy said

    hey hey akira and shiro! i tried to register for dogface book but it said i am too young! they need to haf a checkbox to calculate your age from your birfday in dog years instead of assuming human years.

  10. Ben_Benjamin said

    Hey Akira & Shiro, I miss you !!

  11. IndyPindy said

    Hey, that’s a cool idea! I thought of you guys the other day, there is a sign up at my day care about a Shiba Inu that needs a new home. It made us said cuz she is only 9 months old 😦

  12. Ender said

    I have never heard of facebook, or dogbook for that matter…it’s hard to keep up on all the new things out there!

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