July 1, 2007

Hi Pals,
We are sorry we haven’t been on, but it’s been out of our control. Our Sis had to go to the emergency room twice because she was passing and out stuff. So this was worse than normal and we couldn’t even take shifts taking care of her. We both had to be there 24-7. Don’t worry she’s a lot better lately, and now she went back to her apt, so we have a minute. We need to rest after all that looking after our Sis, though! I mean, we slept on her, we let her hold us, we brought her balls and bones. It was a very strenuous job, but we were glad to be able to do it.

Akira and Shiro


4 Responses to “Update”

  1. Boo said

    i’m sorry about your sis. please send my love to her. i bet she can use some of my love coz i have too many to share.

    wet wet licks


  2. Joe Stains said

    sorry about your sis but it sounds like you took really good care of her

  3. BLU and Comet said

    That sounds like it was scary when your sis was sick. I’m glad you took such good care of her and she is better now. You should get extra treats.

  4. IndyPindy said

    Oh no, I hope your sis is all better now!

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