Father’s Day

June 19, 2007

Sarah and Shiro with their Daddy!

We were extra nice to our Dad on Daddy-Day! We told him he could take long naps with us, kick back on the couch, have a nice steak dinner with us, and then go for a refreshing evening walk! Aren’t we good sons? We are our Dad’s little athletes, we like to play ball with him and wrestle. Happy Daddy Day!

4 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Girl Girl Hamster said

    Hey Akira & Shiro.. So good to hear from you doggies again. I hope your sister gets well. I know she will with you 2 taking good care of her. Shiro was such a cute little baby doggie..
    Hope to hear more of you soon

    ~ girl girl

  2. Joe Stains said

    oh we have missed you! glad you had a good father’s day!

  3. Simba said

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy, Have a great day.

    Simba xx

  4. Ben_Benjamin said

    Happy Belated Daddy day!!

    You are so kind to offer all those fun activities with your dad.

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