Sunny Days…

April 29, 2007

Well, everydog, it sure was a sunny day today. It’s a good thing I’m shedding up a storm since it’s going to be warm out this week! I played around out in the backyard a lot. Mostly by myself, and some with Sis and Dad. Akira hasn’t much been in the mood to play lately. He just sits there looking lost. I’m a little worried, I need my playmate! He is a good fighting partner usually! Here are some pictures from my sunny day in the backyard.




3 Responses to “Sunny Days…”

  1. Billy said

    Hi you two! Saw your comment on Boo’s blog…my hooman brother plays World of Warcraft too…I wonder if they don’t play together at some point?? What does he use for a “nickname” and what “world” does he play in? It would be interesting to see if they play together…

    Hugs from Billy Boo:)

  2. A&S said

    He plays as Deka on Aerie Peak, how about your hooman brother? that’d be funny if they knew each other. He’s in some kind of a guild-thingy we think! We’ll check out your bloggy Billy!

  3. Cubby said

    Dakota is shedding like crazy, too! And she was wondering why I wasn’t playing. The moms finally figured out I was hurting. Now I take a pill every day, and I play again.

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