The Line Up

March 26, 2007

The perpetrators in question…those fellow four leggers who have been MONOPOLIZING our Sis’s time. Monopolizing we say! And one even has the nerve of being a Shiba Inu (the cat, we understand).
First: Akira’s old girlfriend, Sable. It would be one thing if Sis had brought us along to visit her, but no….Sable gets all the belly rubs!

Second: The Cat in Question (herewith referred to as TCQ) AKA Fi-Fi the Fierce. This is the cat who belongs to a sculptor Sis works for part time. She gets away with anything by purring and chasing little mice toys. She likes to jump up on the computer desk when Sis is trying to type to insist on her attention. The attention-monger!

Akira & Shiro


2 Responses to “The Line Up”

  1. IndyPindy said

    Oooh, that’s SO not fair!

  2. Bonnie said

    Your pets are adorable!

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