March 8, 2007


hey everydog! BRUCE had some pictures of only parts of him on his bloggy, apparently everydog is doing it, it’s all the rage now! hehe. we like that song…the hip bone is connected to the….uhh…what is it? the milk bone? BOL!
Anyways, here are some of my wonderful parts:

<—There’s my wonderfully curly tail!!

my feetses P.S. Cuz wanted to get in on the parts photos, so his funny green head is in the picture with me feets.

12 Responses to “Parts”

  1. IndyPindy said

    Cool! I’ll have to do a “parts” post soon! Come check out my new post about The Cat.

  2. Fu Fu said

    Hey Akira, I love your curly tail. πŸ™‚

    ~ fufu

  3. Boo said

    err… just your tail? how about your paw paw, your teeth, your round round eyes, your tongue… ok, that one we see a lot, your ears… MORE PLEASE!

  4. Simba said

    I love the curly tail too. Mummy says my tail looks like a fox.

    Simba xx

  5. Huskee Boy said

    Heheh.. I love your curly, fluffy tail!! Just like a fox!! Can I chase it sometime??

  6. A&amp;S said

    indypindy- on our way
    fu fu- why thank you. we love your cute little nose πŸ™‚
    boo- we’ll see what we can do this weekend, buddy!
    simba- teehee
    huskee- you can try, but we’re pretty fast!

  7. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    Very nice parts! I like Cuz gettin’ in on it too, you know who has pretty cute parts is Turbo the Sibe. I don’t know how to link, but look him up if you get a chance! I especially like your tail, I don’t have one, tail envy….

  8. Joe Stains said

    ooh your parts are great. I think the milkbone should be connected to my MOUTH!?!

  9. Butchy &amp; Snickers said

    Wow, such a cute curly tail! Where are your other parts??
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  10. Ivy said

    tee hee! wut a cute curly tail you haf!

  11. A&amp;S said

    well, sis was trying to take pics of us this weekend, but she used up the WHOLE memory card on a video of us instead. see, we were having a stare down and she captured the whole epic event on camera. we’ll post it later. we are a little jealous tho, cause she went to this place the ZOO without us. she said she was disappointed cause it was still too cold for the african wild dogs to be out, and we wanted to tell her if she had BROUGHT us like a GOOD sis, we’d have got them to come out and play!

  12. Cubby said

    Wow, your Cuz is glowing!

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