Just Us and the Cuz

March 5, 2007

Hey there dog blog pals! We had such a great weekend with Sis! She played with us and cuddled with us and gave us kisses! Like Shiro said, she also brought us home a brand new Cuz toy!
Shiro is still having fun with our new friend the Cuz!
I’m just hanging out underneath the table and chairs. The chair rungs are just the right height for me to rest my head on! Yes, those worn spots are spots I gnawed on when I was a puppy. I can’t help the rungs are also just the right width to chew on like a bone, can I? Anyways, I don’t do that anymore, that was just a puppy phase. I’m a big boy now. I will be five years old in April!

5 Responses to “Just Us and the Cuz”

  1. Fu Fu said

    Hey Akira, that cuz sure looks fun. Did you make it speak? Woh your birthday is coming up soon..
    Are you planning to have a pawty?

    ~ fufu

  2. Boo said

    so, is your sister gonna get another one for… well, whoever that didn’t get the earlier cuz??

    btw, i have added you two birthday in the event calendar.

    wet wet licks


  3. Huskee Boy said

    Hi Akira,
    I love my squeaky Cuz too!! My fav. is the Dino Cuz.. (perhaps your sis can get it for you on your birthday?? *hint*)
    Hee.. you look so comfy resting ur head on the chair rung!!

  4. Simba said

    Looks like you had a great weekend. More dogs who like Cuz.

    Simba xx

  5. Joe Stains said

    you need 4 cuz, at least. get your sis on that!!

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