Cuz, Cuz, and more Cuz

March 5, 2007

I am still having lots of fun with Mr. Cuz. In fact, I haven’t really been playing with the rest of my toys lately. Maybe I’d better spend some time with them so they don’t get lonely. After Akira couldn’t chew the feet off right away, he hasn’t been as interested in Cuz lately. He brought it to Daddy when he came in the house the other day, but that’s just cause he likes to give the humans something when they’ve been gone a little while. That’s okay, more Cuz time for me!!




10 Responses to “Cuz, Cuz, and more Cuz”

  1. IndyPindy said

    Ooooooh, I love the Cuz toy! But my parents don’t leave it out all the time because it’s very loud. They put it away and take it out and let me play with it for about half an hour, then they put it away again.

  2. Butchy & Snickers said

    Hey Akira & Shiro,
    You haven’t chewed apart the cuz yet? Maybe there is hope for me Butchy then. Mama has been debating whether to buy us one or not. Does your squeaker still work? Mama read some reviews about the cuz and most squeakers broke within 10 minutes. Please let our Mama know cuz we want a cuz!!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. Bruce the Bird Dog said

    Why yes, my Cuz is green!! I’ll post pictures of it tonight!

  4. Cubby said

    You look ferocious biting that Cuz!

  5. Joe Stains said

    they are really hard to get the feet off of. Tanner and I tugged and tugged and finally got one to pop off. but it took FOREVER!

  6. Fu Fu said

    Hee.. Shiro you really like to play with your CUZ huh. πŸ™‚

    ~ fufu

  7. A&S said

    Indy: i know, the humans keep putting it away at night so i don’t play all night instead of sleep!
    butchy & snickers: it’s pretty durable so far, but give us time.
    bruce: can’t wait to see your cuz!
    cubby: why that’s because i AM ferocious, of course!
    joey: so there is hope!
    fu fu: i do indeed! you need a cuz, too!


  8. Simba said

    I don’t like cuz toys, they have no stuffing.

    Simba xx

  9. Huskee Boy said

    Hey there,
    I love my Dino Cuz.. I ahve yet to ‘kill’ it though.. will work on it!

  10. Ben_Benjamin said

    OMdoG, everydog have their own Mr.Cuz. Akira & Shiro, you look great with your cuz…I want it too !!! Im gonna ask mommy to get me 1 once she get her job.

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