Bad dogs…

February 12, 2007

Dear Friends,
We know we have been very bad dogs in not posting lately…we apawlogize with sincere heartfelt remorse. Things have been definitely crrrazy around here lately. Right now we are taking a well-needed vacation at our favorite little B&B (Bed and Bath, of course!). Our brother just got a brand new job, so he couldn’t take good care of us while Mom and Dad are in Columbus for an education conference. Poor Sis just started a new part time job in addition to her full time job and full time schooling. She likes all three of those very much, just needs more hours in the day. We miss her and wish she’d quit all that and devote all her time to US. We heard she was talking all about us today and how great dogs we are, but we also heard she consorted with the enemy. Yes, that’s right, she was playing and being friendly with… A CAT! Our secret sources tell us this is one FiFi, a female 2 yr old cat. Well, we never heard of such nonsense! She should be playing with US! Of course, it was a great weekend that Sis spent with us the weekend after Shiro’s Safe Return. We played with her lots and gave her lots of love. She did not want to leave us after all that fun! Hopefully we will see her again real soon. There are still a lot of health problems with our extended human family– our Dad’s Dad is undergoing radiation and chemo for cancer, and our Mom’s Dad just tore his rotator cuff and will need surgery. We try to take good care of our family and give them the love and support they need at this time. We sure miss talking to all our pals, though…it’s just been hard because the people have needed lots of extra love and attention lately. We still think of you all the time, though. We have our Dogs With Blogs calendar turned to the month of BOO!

Luv & Licks,

Akira and Shiro


7 Responses to “Bad dogs…”

  1. Boo said

    hey A&S!

    that’s what i suspect. the hooman abandoned you 2 and make friends with the enemy. hehehe.

    don’t worry, you can come and stay with me.

    about your grandpa. well, that’s the cause of old age. when we get old, we will have sickness too.

    wet wet licks


  2. Cubby said

    Hang in there!

  3. Justin said

    Such cute and honest doggies I must say n such honest confessions..They ought to be forgiven

  4. Fu Fu said

    Hey guys, I was missing you guys..

    ~ fufu

  5. Boo said

    hey guys,

    are you two gonna celebrate valentine’s day like me? it’s the big V day here now and i’m jumping for joy for receiving 3 gifts.

    wet wet licks


  6. BLU and Comet said

    That’s so sweet of you both to take care of all the humans in your family – even if they do spend time with enemy cats!

  7. Huskee Boy said

    Happy Valentine’s Day Akira and Shiro!!

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