New Year’s Day: Good News and Bad News

January 1, 2007

Well, it’s the first day of 2007! We have some good news of the day, and some bad news of the day? Which do you want first? Okay, we’ll do it like the humans rip off a bandaid- bad news first: We had to have our baths today! We do not like baths…at all. We have to get all wet and soapy and it gets rid of our naturally good Shiba smell! So then we have to lick ourselves off and rub in everything to try to get the smell back. But, we made it through are baths, and got a treat for being well-behaved boys through it all.
Now for the good news, it looks like we got our baths just in time, because………. it’s snowing! Finally! It’s been up in the 50s for like 2 weeks or something ridiculous! We were beginning to think we wouldn’t get to have any fun in the snow this winter at all!
Well, there’s some more bad news. After having Sis home from the 23rd of December, she had to go back to school/work today. We loved having her home. She stayed downstairs with us and slept on the couch with us every night until about 2-2:30 AM when she got too uncomfortable squished up between us on the couch and went to her own bed. It was so nice to cuddle with her and play with her lots. Also, everyone knows, we have her wrapped around our paws! She spoils us! Akira gets the LONGEST walks he ever gets, and Shiro gets lots of cuddles! At least she’ll be back again on the weekend (how long is that? we hope it’s soon!)

Akira & Shiro


One Response to “New Year’s Day: Good News and Bad News”

  1. Boo said

    hello akira & shiro,

    wow, sis slept with you guys. i love when mama sleep next to me. but i just don’t like sleeping on their bed – too warm. i like the cold floor.

    well, sis is gone but make sure you remind other hooman to take you out a lot.

    those treats you mentioned in the email, are those x’mas present?

    wet wet licks


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