Bloggy Error

December 20, 2006

Hi all! We wanted to add a Holiday Spirit Dog of the Day today, but we can’t get a hold of most of our nominees! We can’t see the visual verification letters to leave comments on blogs. So, if you’re name is on this (or you would like to be nominated for our consideration), send us a message!

We are nominating: Zach, Blu & Comet, and Butchy & Snickers (when their outfits are completed!). We also tried to leave a message with Ender about WoW (our human brother does that, too!). Finally, we are waiting for e-mailed pictures from our dogster pal Jay-Jay, who will also be featured as “HSDotD”

Thank you for your patience,


(here’s another one of the shiba-vodka advertisements! all we can say is, that snow sure looks nice, but isn’t that lady in the dress cold? she doesn’t have our thick fur coat!)

4 Responses to “Bloggy Error”

  1. Joe Stains said

    mom said she probably drank a little bit of the vodka to make her feel warmer! hehe

  2. hana said

    Bloggy sucks today. It is fooling around with my blog. And, I’m not even making any changes to it today! Bloggy is bad.

    Last week I had lots of trubbles with leaving comments on a bunch of dog blogs. This week is much better.

    I think you deserve some compensation for that advertising. Greenies for you!

    Ronak is an underaged drinker. He’s been caught with the champagne bottle when he was just a few months old. Check out his August archive.

  3. Fu Fu said

    Hey Guys, I hope you manage to contact your nominees soon. Blogger is cranky sometimes

    ~ fufu

  4. Sunshade said

    Bloggers is being bad, I can’t leave comments all day today, but I think this one is going to go through.

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

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