Product Alert: Fun With Your Dog Science Kit*

December 13, 2006

This is a science kit your dog will love! It is filled with activities and
experiments that lead to new discoveries about our faithful canine

  • Read your dog’s mind: What’s on your dog’s mind? Find out with fun
    experiments as you observe your pet’s eyes, tail, and body language. Give your
    dog a Personality Interview and you’ll know your pet better.
  • Test your dog’s hearing with an ultrasonic whistle. Does your pet hear
    sounds that you can’t?
  • See the world through a dog’s eyesDo you know what colors your pet sees? Put
    on Dog Glasses and you’ll see for yourself. You might be surprised to discover
    that the world looks very different through a dog’s eyes.
  • Bake tasty Dog Cookies your dog will loveCan dogs taste sweets? You’ll know
    the answer when you bake healthy Dog Cookies as a treat. Compare your sense of
    smell to your dog’s remarkably intelligent nose. We bet you can’t recognize
    20,000 different odors like your dog does.


First of all, nobody can access our brainwaves to read our highly advanced minds! Second, I do not like the idea of the ultrasonic whistle. Finally, however, it might all be worth it for the homebaked treats….hmmmm….

~Akira and Shiro

*Note: This product is currently out of stock at Brain-Builders.Com


2 Responses to “Product Alert: Fun With Your Dog Science Kit*”

  1. Joe Stains said

    um ultra sonic whistle?? sounds like ultra sonic waste of money to me! what will they think of next!

  2. Boo said

    errm… is that really works? like my hooman can know whether i can see colours or not? and whether i can taste sweet? but how the creator know?

    wet wet licks


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