We Wish We Were Crafty!

December 11, 2006

Look at this nifty project for a “doggie bag!” Maybe if we gave our humans one, they would remember to save all their restaurant leftovers in it for us!!!


What do you dogs think?



6 Responses to “We Wish We Were Crafty!”

  1. Joe Stains said

    i think that is a great idea. do you guys have any pics where you look particularly hungry??

  2. Akira and Shiro said

    joe, we forgot the infamous milkbone box incident…. here is the evidence:


  3. Freda said

    Hey Akira and Shiro,

    Freda heres. Crafty like skwerrels? We sure are helpin’ Ivy, aren’t we? Who ya gonna calls?… Skwerrels Busters. Ruff!

    I reeeeallys like that ‘doggy bag’ thingy. Problem is, I’ll probablys have to put it together myself. My secretary has been lickin’ a whole bunch of fudge bowls and is ridin’ a reeeeallys high chocolate highs.

    Your blog is reeeeallys cooools! I’ll be back to sniff arounds.

    Happy Holidays to you and your humans.


  4. Akira and Shiro said

    uh-oh, Freda, we meant we wish we were good at the arts and crafts, not crafty like the evil manipulative skwerrel! glad you like our bloggy! we’re going to go check out yours now!

  5. Boo said

    ah! A&S, the photo in your comment link, look more like need an ambulance than leftover! anything with either of you drooling? make sure you throw in that “oh, i’m so hungry” face too. πŸ™‚

    wet wet licks


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