Dessert- Yum!

December 10, 2006

Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Desserts
When Sis and Akira got back from PetsMart, they brought back some dessert! We got to have some of it that evening! There was a nice lady there from the Nutro company who gave Sis a coupon for four cans for one dollar! So Sis got two in the “Carrot Cake” flavor, and two in the “Apple Torte.” They are also available in the “Berry Cobbler.” She just gave us each a spoonful to make sure it didn’t upset our stomachs. I really liked the “Carrot Cake” kind. After I inhaled mine, Akira hadn’t finished his, so I thought I’d help him out, only he really did want to finish it, he just eats slower. Hopefully we can have more soon, and try out the apple, too!



6 Responses to “Dessert- Yum!”

  1. IndyPindy said

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, sounds delicious! I will have my humans look for those!

  2. Akira and Shiro said

    maybe you will see the lady with the four for a dollar coupon, too! i think they’re normally 79 cents each! deeeeelicious, though!

  3. Boo said

    ah, comes with different flavour too. nope, don’t think i can find those here. shops here normally sell lots of kibbles and only selected type of treats. are you two in raw diet or kibbles?

    wet wet licks


  4. Joe Stains said

    OH MY that looks super good!! We eat Nutro Ultra for our food so mom might actually let use have this!!!!

  5. Yoshi and Tsuki said

    Oooooo…lucky! We had Pumpkin Crumble flavor for Thanksgiving! It was such a treat! Personally, we think we should get dessert more often! Hope our mom sees the coupon lady, too.


  6. e said

    First of all, thanks for dropping by Fei’s blog and for sympathising with us. I can’t believe the rules you have over there too- first for kicking a dog out and then the no dogs policy. Makes me mad and then sad.

    Did you enjoy your dessert?
    I think Fei would have loved some.
    It’s so cool that you get to have a pic with Santa taken.
    Fei & E

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