Product Review: "My Dog’s Journal"

December 5, 2006

Product Details:
ISBN: 1841722197ISBN-13: 9781841722191
Format: Hardcover, 144pp
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small

From the Publisher:
Can’t live without your personal organizer? Then why should your dog be any different? This guided journal covers every aspect of your faithful companion’s life–from diet and healthcare to training and breeding–and will keep all important notes and information safe. With special pages for photos and pockets for mementos, it will become a visual record of your dog’s development.
Journal includes:

  • 8 informative chapters cover every important are of your dog’s life
  • Over 100 irresistible photographs of dogs, large and small
  • Useful pockets to hold certificates, keepsakes, and relevant articles
  • Fine black acid-free card inserts with Magic Dots to attach your favorite photographs
  • Lined sheets for your notes and contacts
  • Charts, checklists, and tables, and expert advice from a veterinarian

Our Review: This product is for the humans who like to write down everything we dogs do, and take lots of pictures, and stuff…. so it’d probably be pretty good for most of your parents. Part of the book is better if the human is just starting the process of bringing a dog to live with them, because it has places to record information about breeders and rescue groups, questions the humans should ask, how to figure out what kind of dog is right for their personalities and living situation, etc. There were a few other sections of the book only applicable to certain dog-owners, but most of it was more universal. There is space to keep track of medical history, training information, and just plain fun stuff like anecdotal stories and pictures. Our Sis purchased this book at a Barnes & Noble that will be closing at the end of December, so it was 40% off list price (she got it for around $11). On the Internet, it is available at , , and others for around $19.95.
Our Rating:
3 1/2 out of 4 paws
~Akira and Shiro

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