Another Update

November 26, 2006

dear friends,
we had to switch over to blogger beta because all new accounts are put on blogger beta, so that’s what our human grandfather’s new blog is on, and he wanted some advice on how to use it, but we didn’t know since we were on the orginal blogger. but now we’re on beta and some things are screwed up, like our posts now signed by our Sis! but the beta is more user friendly in some regards- if you don’t know html it’s easier to edit your template now. but if we switch our template over, it said we could lose stuff we already put in it, so we’re not switching this blog over- our Sis can use it for her own blog!
Speaking of Sis, she picked us up from our R&R on Friday morning. We were so happy to see her! Dad dropped us off with Sis and Mom a little ways from our house so we could walk around the neighborhood and mark everything again so all the neighbor dogs and cats knew we were home and it still belonged to us! Then we had to make the house smell like us again. They actually washed the couches for some bizzare reason, so we had to rub ourselves all over them and flip upside down on them and walk on top of the backs of them until they smelled good again. Then we had to play with Sis, and then we were exhausted so we all took a nap. But Sis stayed up really late with us until she fell asleep on the couches with us and woke up at 1 am and went to her bed. Then she came down at 5AM and curled up with us to sleep some more. It was fun to spend lots of time with her! She doesn’t even mind that her jeans got covered in our fur cause we’re molting again. We shed all of our under fur a couple times a year (Mom says it seems like all year long), but it’s really noticeable now, coming off in handfuls when we’re petted. Sis used the brush and the mitt thing, but it didn’t really make much of a difference. Oh, one more thing before we sign off and get some more sleep. Sis found a sheet of stickers at the dollar general store that had three shiba inu stickers on it! Two red and one black. We never see much Shiba stuff here- only once saw a shiba calendar at Petco, and once an issue of Dog Fancy had a Shiba on the cover, so we were excited. We’ll try to scan them in for you soon,

Missed reading all our friends blogs….
(I’m feeling much better but Shiro threw up a little this morning- Akira)

~Akira and Shiro


4 Responses to “Another Update”

  1. Fu Fu said

    Hey guys, missed you too. Hope Shiro is ok now.

    ~ fufu

  2. Boo said

    hey akira & shiro,

    why is shiro throwing up? i threw up last monday and again on thursday nite. i went to the vet but the vet said nothing serious just stomach upset and now i’m recovering and want more food, FOOD, food! i hope both of you feeling much MUCH much better now.

    do you need help on your blogger? you can leave messages on DWB’s bone zone and someone will help… err, that someone can be me!

    wet wet licks


  3. Boo said

    hey akira & shiro,

    please send me a message using my contact form. don’t put your email address here or on my comment box or u’ll receive tons of spams!

    wet wet licks


  4. E-unit said

    Oh no, now you Shiro?? I hope you are feeling better now, it seems so many dogs are throwing up….

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

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