Non Sequitur

November 10, 2006

Well, “Non Sequitur” really isn’t as impressive as it sounds. It just sounds impressive because it’s from a Latin word. Here is the Heritage dictionary definition:

non se·qui·tur (nn skw-tr, -tr)

  1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
  2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.

One cool thing, though, is that it’s also a title of a comic strip that was started in 1991, and continues to this day!

~Akira and Shiro


7 Responses to “Non Sequitur”

  1. Anonymous said

    hey akira & shiro,

    after your explanation, it makes more sense how you got your degree! LOL! don’t take it seriously.

    wet wet licks


  2. Akira and Shiro said

    bol, yeah! sorry we haven’t been in touch with everone this past weekend- Sis was in, so we were occupied with her! We practically attacked her with kisses when she walked in the door!

    But now she’s gone again 😥 back to school! She just doesn’t listen to our idea about sending her to the PetSmart obedience training so she could live at home while going to school!


  3. Fu Fu said

    Woh… That sounds really complicated… But you guys are smart to get that degree

    ~ fufu

  4. Anonymous said

    err akira & shiro,

    i haven’t been to a school yet! mom attempt to send me but after visiting the school, she decided i don’t need it!

    so far i only know “sit” “down” and “wait” and picking up words like “let’s go” – that’s the cue to go out/home! 🙂

    wet wet licks


  5. Akira and Shiro said

    that’s okay, boo! that’s pretty good you learned all that without going to school! actually, shiro never went to school. i completed puppy obedience training, and was later enrolled in intermediate training, where the instructor said I was the BEST behaved Shiba Inu she had EVER seen, but I got a funky skin thing so I had to leave so the other doggies wouldn’t catch it! It’s better now, but Sis was the one taking me and she’s too busy working and schooling right now. Shiro can do most of the commands when he wants to, but mostly just “Sit” and “Dance,” which is his own unique trick our brother taught him where he spins around on his hind legs!


  6. Ivy said

    thank you my friends for your skwerrel warning! i must say he is a very skary and dangerous creature indeed! i did get a good tee-hee to see him dressed in rabbit ears though.

    congratulations on your non sequitur degree! maybe it shud be a fine arts of dog dancing degree instead!

    sorry to hear that your sis is gone again. *sigh* it is so sad wen the peepol you luv haf to go away.

  7. Anonymous said

    hey akira and shiro,

    i’ve been checking out your blog everyday… disappointed to say HOW COME NO UPDATE?

    wet wet licks


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