Updates Coming Soon

November 3, 2006

Hi all,
We have a few updates, but haven’t been able to get on lately to post. We received a package from our friend Nobuko in Japan containing chocolate filled koalas (why won’t Sis share?) and a very handsome Shiba Inu desk calendar with Japanese writing on it. We’ll try to scan a picture of it in to show you, as we can’t find an image on the Internet. We also want to tell you about our last weekend adventures, which involve a thrilling tale of dashing through the briar-filled woods! Stay tuned! More is coming soon.

Akira and Shiro 11/03/2006

Update on that weekend:

from Shiro:

I spent lots of time cuddling with Sis! She started having a bad dream, though, so I clibmed over her legs, where I had been laying in the crook of her knees, and snuggled up against her chest and she put her arm around me like a teddy-bear. I’m better than a teddy-bear, though!

from Akira:

I went on some long walks with Sis! She always spoils me. She even let me walk a while in the woods. Sis learned not to wear thin sweat pants in the woods, though, because she got briars and thorns all through them, and some on her jacket too! This little brushwood dog was fine and untouched by thorns!


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